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David Ford, President, LSA

"Our Community Matters"

The Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) is a non-profit community-based organization dedicated to connecting and empowering Liberians in Sweden. Our community matters to us, and we are committed to promoting our members, the Liberian culture, and heritage through our activities and events. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds; we have Liberian descent, Liberians born in Sweden, Swedes, and friends of Liberia. We strive to bring people of these backgrounds together to celebrate our shared culture and identity. Our mission is to promote the Liberian culture, history, and development in Sweden, and to foster a sense of belonging and community pride among our members. We also aim to provide a platform for Liberians in Sweden to connect and share their experiences.

Read the contents on our website and blog posts to learn more about us.

David Ford

President, LSA

Our Blog Posts
Our blog posts section shares our stories, experiences, and struggles. Through this section,  we hope to increase our community’s visibility and create meaningful and long-lasting connections with each other and others beyond our community. Subscribe today to become part of our family.
Read on and enjoy!
Our Helpful Tips
Our help section provides information about important inquiries. Utilize the bars below for quick answers to your inquiries. You'll find step-by-step guides and information about Sweden and other important subjects. If you’re still having trouble, contact us from our contact page for further assistance. 

Applying For Scholarship in Sweden

Applying For Ayslum in Sweden

Applying For Swedish Critizenship

Swedish Driver License

Applying For Liberian Passport

Applying For Liberia Visa

About Redcross in Sweden

Evaluate Qualification to work or Study in Sweden

About the Police in Sweden

Apply to University in Sweden

Apply For Swedish Passport & National card

Basic Info About Sweden 

European Federation of Lberian Associations

The Swedish Job Agency


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