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About Us

Our Community Matters to us. We are dedicated to fostering unity, peace, and empathy while nurturing hope through the provision of resources, support, and education for our members. In challenging times, we stand ready to extend assistance and solidarity, even if it requires stepping outside our comfort zones. We aim to forge a stronger community today to ensure a brighter future for our children and Liberians considering migration to Sweden in the future. We firmly believe that by uniting with a shared goal of enhancing our community, we can achieve remarkable outcomes and create positive change across our various communities/chapters in Sweden and Liberia. Together, our strength is magnified.

Who We Are

The Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) is a legally registered, non-profit, non-political organization based in Sweden, dedicated to serving the Liberian community in the country. Our headquarters are located in Stockholm, with four branches spanning across the nation: LSA Stockholm, LSA Gothenburg, LSA Skåne/Malmö, and LSA Norrland. Our diverse membership includes individuals of Liberian descent, Liberians born in Sweden, Swedes, and friends of Liberia. We are committed to uniting people from these varied backgrounds to honor and celebrate our shared culture and identity. By promoting Liberian culture, history, and development in Sweden, we aim to foster a strong sense of belonging and community pride among our members.


The core mission of LSA is to nurture and educate Liberian descendants born in Sweden by organizing social activities that celebrate traditional Liberian events, including cultural dances and festivities. Moreover, LSA endeavors to provide support and solidarity to community members during challenging times. Additionally, LSA aims to promote unity, peace, and social integration among its members, fostering communal networking opportunities. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for ALL Liberians in Sweden, facilitating the establishment of networks and access to essential support systems. Through our diverse structures and platforms, we are committed to addressing the needs and concerns of our community members.


"Our Community Matters!"
At the heart of LSA's mission lies our motto, a commonly used slogan that encapsulates our unwavering dedication to our community members and supporters. Unity, peace, hope, compassion, and empathy form the cornerstone of our values, guiding every action and decision we make. Through this motto, we emphasize the importance of prioritizing the needs and well-being of our members, ensuring that they remain central to all LSA endeavors. Our goal is to cultivate an environment characterized by mutual respect, understanding, and collaboration among our members, inspiring them to join forces in building a vibrant and inclusive Liberian community in Sweden.


The depicted official logo of the Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) embodies the essence and identity of the association. Comprising two distinct sections, it honors the dual heritage represented within the LSA community. The upper section reflects elements from the Liberian national flag, while the lower section mirrors those of the Swedish national flag. This thoughtful design illustrates the origins of LSA members and their current place of residence. Crafted with a minimalist Scandinavian approach, the logo embodies the principle of simplicity, ensuring clarity and effectiveness in communication.

Our Kids Are Our

The children within our community are cherished treasures who hold significant roles in LSA's affairs. They represent the future leadership, and it is our responsibility to nurture and guide them toward realizing their full potential. We are dedicated to offering support and resources to our children, enabling them to engage in activities that facilitate growth, learning, and social development. Through these experiences, they also gain an understanding of the importance of LSA to their future in Sweden.

Mr. David Ford (LSA President) along with some kids from the LSA community.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.
"Margaret Mead"

Meet LSA Leadership

Get to know the LSA leadership! We are thrilled to introduce a remarkable group of dedicated leaders who are poised to elevate the organization to new heights. Our team is driven by a shared passion for fostering the growth and advancement of LSA, as we embark on a journey to achieve even greater success!

Mr. David Ford



Mrs. Koo Y. Joseph

Vice President

Mrs. Winifred Sandy

Secretary General


Mr. Eric Golafaie

Financial Secretary


Mr. Ambrose Julue

Chairman, Norrland Chapter


Mr. Tejan Fahnbulleh

Chairman, Malmö Chapter

The LSA team, consisting of dedicated and efficient leaders, establishes a robust foundation to uplift their mission and objectives. Our team is committed to working diligently to ensure the organization's vision is fully realized.

Other Officials

  • Madam Fannie Pearson - Chaplain

  • Mr. Boakai Sandy- Advisor & LSA Constituation Committee, LSACC

  • Mr. Francis Mensah - Advisor & LSACC

  • Mrs. Bridget R. Forssén - Advisor & LSACC

  • Madam Gladys T. Mwah - Advisor

  • Mr. Barry Karmoh - Disciplinary & Conflict Resolution Committee, & LSACC

  • Mr. Abraham Sandy - Disciplinary & Conflict Resolution Committee

  • Mr. Beyan Kesselly - Election Commissioner & LSACC

  • Madam Oretha Mennoh - Election Commissioner 

  • Mr. Saye Perwon Gbargbay - Election Commissioner & LSACC

  • Mr. Sylvester Jarlee - LSACC

  • Mrs. Courage B. Sundberg -  LSACC

  • Madam Daisy Wesseh - Treasurer, LSA Malmö Chapter

  • Mr. Jaryenneh Gad - Sports Affairs Committee

  • Mr. Kendrick Thompson -Publicity Committee

  • Mr. Tuss Wamah Publicity Committee

  • Madam Carina AnderssonLiason Officer

  • Madam Ophelia R. Jackson - Planning & Event Committee

  • Mrs. Mimie Yekeh Kesselly - Planning & Event Committee

  • Madam Koffa Reed - Planning & Event Committee

  • Mrs. Angeline Davis King - Planning & Event Committee

  • Mr. George Wilson - Vice Chairman, LSA Norrland Branch, LSANB

  • Mr. Sekou A. Konneh - Secretary, LSANB

  • Madam Elizabeth Jusu Bah - Financial Secretary, LSANB

  • Mr. Luke Sam Williams - Welfare Committee, LSANB

  • Madam Redcy Wour - Planning & Event Committee, LSANB

  • Mr. Diocese Dindo - Disciplinary Committee, LSANB

  • Mr. Weah E. Harris - P.R.O, LSANB

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