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LSA Urges President Boakai: Establish Embassy in Stockholm for Liberians in Scandinavia

The Liberian Swedish Association, LSA congratulates Liberia's newly elected President Boakai on his recent inauguration. We express hope that his leadership will bring prosperity to Liberia, guided by his wealth of wisdom and vision. Furthermore, LSA urges President Boakai to establish a consulate or embassy in Stockholm. This vital step, which the previous Liberian government under President George Weah did not take, is seen as essential for providing adequate representation and support to Liberians residing in Scandinavia.

Joseph Nyumah Boakai, Liberia's 26th president, brings a wealth of experience, having previously served as vice president and Minister of Agriculture. Despite his defeat in the 2017 election, there is now an urgent need for improved representation for Liberians in Scandinavia.

LSA underscores the challenges faced by Liberians in Sweden due to the absence of a diplomatic mission, hindering access to essential consular services, and weakening ties with their homeland. Establishing an embassy or consulate would address these issues and enable access to vital services such as passport issuance and visa assistance. Additionally, this diplomatic presence would strengthen ties between Liberia and Scandinavia, fostering cooperation, trade and cultural exchange. Sweden's significant support for Liberia's development underscores the necessity for such representation.

For over a decade, Liberians in Scandinavia have struggled to access services from Liberian embassies in Germany and Belgium, leading to significant travel and expenses. LSA believes establishing an embassy or consulate in Stockholm would ease this burden and facilitate investments in Liberia. LSA calls on President Boakai and his government to prioritize this matter, strengthening ties with Liberians in Scandinavia and enhancing opportunities for cooperation and development. This move would also demonstrate Liberia's commitment to engaging with its diaspora communities and strengthening connections with Liberians living abroad.

President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, Republic of Liberia

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