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LSA Norrland Chapter Election: Shaping the Future of Our Community

In the heart of Sweden's northern region, the Liberian Swedish Association's Norrland Chapter is gearing up for an important occasion - the LSA Norrland Chapter election on March 28, 2024. Members are called upon to actively participate in shaping the future leadership of their vibrant community. This electoral process is pivotal, determining crucial leadership positions such as the Chairman and Financial Secretary, essential for guiding the chapter's direction and upholding its values, membership, and mission. It presents an excellent opportunity for dedicated individuals to step forward, register, and contribute to realizing the LSA's vision.

In the previous LSANB election in 2020, Mr. Ambrose Julue, Mr. George T. Wilson, Mr. Sekou A. Konneh, and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Bah effectively managed the affairs of the Chapter during their tenure.

Under the guidance of election commissioner Mr. Beyan Kasselly, and with full support from the LSA National leadership, the election will ensure a fair, transparent, and inclusive process for all Norrland Chapter members. Comprehensive documentation, including rules and guidelines, has been provided to govern the electoral process.

LSA President David Ford urges all members to exercise their right to participate by contesting or casting their votes, emphasizing the importance of their collective voice in shaping the destiny of the LSA Chapter and fostering community cohesion, empowerment, and progress.

The LSA National leadership believes this election will reaffirm the democratic values that underpin the organization and mission of the LSA, demonstrating a commitment to transparency, inclusivity, and accountability. By casting their votes, members reaffirm their dedication to the principles of democratic governance and community engagement.

Looking forward to March 28, 2024, which marks a new chapter of leadership in the LSA Norrland Chapter,

The LSA National Leadership wants to use this opportunity to call on all Liberians in Sweden to embrace the spirit of unity and solidarity that defines us as Liberians and the entire LSA community. Together, let's shape the future direction of our community in Sweden, guided by the values of unity that is embedded in our mantra "Our Community Matters." Let's forge a path toward a brighter tomorrow, where the voices of all members are not just heard but respected and valued.

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