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LSA Hosted Its Annual Pre-Christmas Event and Launched Revamped Constitution

The Liberian Swedish Association, LSA, hosted it's Annual Black & Red, Pre-Christmas event on Saturday, 26th November in Stockholm, the Swedish capital,

For nearly a decade, the LSA leadership usually host an end-of-each-year event to bring members and well-wishers of LSA together to celebrate, rekindle relationships, create memories, and kick-start the Christmas holidays, This event usually falls under the theme "Black & Red, where attendees are encouraged to dress up in black and red attires to create uniformity and uniqueness.

The focus of this year's event was beyond its usual intentions, This year’s occasion was also used to launch LSA's revamped constitution. For the first time in a decade and a half, the LSA leadership under Mr. David Ford (President) and his team initiated a process to revamp the LSA's old and nonaligned constitution in order to adequately address current days issues in the LSA community. As such, a special constitution committee was founded and presented to members of the LSA community on Saturday, 2021-06-27.

The special committee consisted of prominent Liberians from various LSA communities and chapters. They were tasked with the responsibility to review, analyze and revamp the old constitution so that it could align and coordinate with current-day realities in the LSA community in terms of operations and membership.

The leadership took a little over three months to form the committee, from holding discussions in meetings to engaging and selecting individuals that were deemed qualified and available to form part. Members of the committee were: Mr. Francis Mensah - Chairman, Mrs. Bridget R. Forssén - Vice-Chairperson, Mr. Barry Karmoh - member, Mr. Beyan Kessely - member, Mr. Boakai Sandy - member, Mr. Sylvester Jarlee - member, Mrs. Courage B. Sundberg - member, Mr. Saye P. Gbargbay - member.

After several months of working on the mentioned constitution, the chairman of the committee, Mr. Mensah presented a revamped constitution to Mr. Ford at the Black & Red event, Mr. Mensah thanked Mr. Ford and his leadership during this time for the confidence imposed on him and his team for such a task. He went on to thank his fellow members for their hard work and commitment to the process. Mr. Mensah pointed out that although some members were inactive due to personal reasons, he believed that he and the rest of the others did an exceptional job.

Receiving the constitution on behalf of the LSA community, Mr. Ford thanked Mr. Mensah and other committee members for their hard work and commitment to LSA. Mr. Ford called on members of the LSA community to read and learn the new constitution in order to know their rights and responsibilities in the LSA. Mr. Ford promised that the leadership would create a digital version of the new constitution for all LSA members to easily access it.

In the end, this year's Black & Red event was a success despite several challenges. The leadership through LSA's official WhatsApp group and Facebook pages thanked all LSA members and well-wishes for supporting this year's event and past events.

According to the leadership, the revamped constitution will be presented to the LSA community at LSA's next monthly general meeting, slated for Saturday, 2022-12-31. The leadership believed that this will give LSA members the opportunity to review, discuss, and familiarize themselves with the revamped constitution.

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