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Who is Moshadee? A Liberian Musician In Sweden

Updated: Feb 22

African music, especially the Amapiano and Afrobeats genres, has been dominating dance halls, Instagram, and TikTok feeds with one hit after another in recent years. Liberian music is no exception, as it too finds its place trending on these platforms, showcasing the talent of Liberian musicians. One such artist is Moshade, a Liberian musician based in Sweden, who is steadily establishing his musical presence on these outlets and in dance halls across Europe, Africa, and beyond.


Frankly Penhun, known by his stage name Moshadee, hails from Liberia and embarked on his musical journey during his junior high school years in Liberia. Recognizing his innate talent for singing and performing, Frankly began honing his skills by gracing events, talent shows, and opening for esteemed Liberian artists at concerts across the country.

Amidst the turmoil of the Liberian Civil War, Frankly sought refuge in Ghana, where he continued to nurture his passion for music. Despite facing financial constraints that prevented formal training, Frankly displayed his ambition and innovation by self-teaching the intricacies of songwriting, arranging, and music production, drawing inspiration from videos featuring seasoned African musicians.

During his time in Ghana, Frankly embraced the moniker "Moshadee," a name bestowed upon him by friends, derived from Liberian slang meaning "more girls." He found resonance in this name, as it reflected his music and his fan base, particularly the female admirers.

Subsequently, Frankly migrated to Sweden, where he emerged as a prominent Liberian artist, captivating audiences with his exceptional musical talents.

Moshadee's musical repertoire spans across Afrobeat, Afro-Pop, and Afro-Fusion, showcasing his versatility as an artist, songwriter, and producer. With an unwavering dedication to propelling Liberian music to greater heights, Moshadee is determined to realize his aspirations and elevate his meticulously crafted sound to unparalleled levels of success.


The multi-talented musician is renowned for tunes such as “Wish me well, Zeolay, Dolla, Your King, 50/50 and others”,

With a distinctive flow, stunning lyrics, great hits, and the ability to easily blend in, Moshadee is one of the most popular African artists in Sweden and other parts of Europe and Liberia.

You can listen to and watch videos of Moshadee‘s music on several social media platforms.

Follow Moshadee on:

FACEBOOK: Moshadee Moshadee

TWITTER: @FrankPenhun

INSTAGRAM: @Moshadee_

YOUTUBE: @Moshadee

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Moshadee's commitment to preserving his Liberian roots while embracing the musical landscape of Sweden is admirable. The article provides readers with a glimpse into the artist's life, motivations, and the impact of his music on diverse audiences. It serves as a testament to the universal language of music and the ability of artists like Moshadee to create a global resonance through their craft. Try to find your style on Spotify:

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