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Wendell & Göran Got Married

Updated: Mar 12

Wendell Dagadu and Göran Svensson got married on Saturday, February 22, 2020, in Linkoping Sweden. The couple who is said to be greatly in love, decided to join hands in holy matrimony to spend the rest of their lives together.

Mr & Mrs Svensson wedding was keen on bringing together diverse guests of Swedes and African descents. Amongst the guests, were the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA President, David Ford, LSA Norrland interim Chairman, Weah Ephraim Harris, along with some of LSA prominent members and supporters to grace the occasion.

Also, attending the event was Ashley Williams, the Liberian National football team goal keeper, along with some of his peers, Abu Kamara, Alex Karmoh, and Lee Glahn. Williams is said to be in Sweden on a football trial with the Swedish football club, FC Linköping.

Speaking to LSA President , Ashley expressed how glad he was to meet and interact with his fellow Liberians in Sweden.

The LSA, on behalf of its community members and leadership, extends congratulatory wishes to Mr. & Mrs. Svensson on their marriage, and wish them a prosperous future.



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