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The Official Launching Ceremony of LSA Norrland Chapter

After several months of close collaboration and cooperation efforts between Liberians residing in the north of Sweden and the LSA national leadership in Stockholm, to establish an LSA northern chapter, it has been finally decided, mandated and agreed by all parties involved to establish the said chapter. Such mandate is in accord with the constitution of LSA, particularly the key aspects of its aim and objective.  The LSA Norrland chapter will serve as an extension of LSA for Liberians residing in the north of Sweden (from Sundsvall to cities further north of Sweden). 

The ceremony will include the swearing into office of the interim leadership to oversee the affairs of the chapter until it is ready to proceed with an election. 

Few officials, the national president, Mr David Ford and his vice president, Mrs Koo Jelegon Joseph of the LSA Stockholm headquarter will be attending to commemorate the occasion. All Liberians from LSA sub-branches in Goteborg, and Malmö, and Liberians living in Stockholm and other parts of Sweden, and supporters of LSA are invited to attend the occasion and be a part of LSA history making.

The ceremony is schedule to take place on Saturday, March 30, 2019 at Istidsgatan 39, 90655, Umeå, Sweden, from 19:00 to 04:00 the next morning. 

According to the planning committee the night will climax with a grand party with latest hits music in Afrobeat, dancehall, raegga, oldies from the 90s, etc from DJ Sporting.

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