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LSA General Election: LSA Re-Elect National Officials

Updated: Feb 25

Mr. David Ford, LSA President Re-elected

The Liberian Swedish Association, LSA, held its election on Saturday, July 22nd, and re-elected Mr. David Ford as President, Mrs. Koo Yelegon Joseph as Vice President, and Mrs. Winifred Nicol Sandy as Secretary General.

The election, facilitated by the LSA National Election Commission (LSANEC), took place at Hägerstensåsens BP, Personnevägen 35, Hägersten, Stockholm. The commission announced the winners during the LSA's 2023 celebration of Liberia Independence Day event in Stockholm, Sweden.

Oretha Mennoh, the vice chairperson of LSANEC, supervised the voting process and announced the winners. According to Mennoh, the election adhered to the LSA constitution and electoral guidelines, ensuring that voters were able to cast their votes freely and fairly.

The outcome of the election followed the "white ballot" rule, which states that if only one candidate is running for an electoral position, they automatically win that position. However, LSANEC implemented a voting process to ensure a democratic outcome. Therefore, voters were given the opportunity to cast their votes even if there was only one registered candidate per position.

The LSANEC conducted a thorough and transparent electoral process leading up to the election. They disseminated a comprehensive election guideline outlining electoral rules and regulations from the LSA constitution, encouraging all eligible participants to register and run for positions in the election.

Mr. Ford and his team will now lead the LSA for the next three years. Other administrative positions will be appointed, and various committees and the Board will be established in the near future.

Mrs. Koo Y. Joseph, LSA Vice-President Re-elected

Mrs. Winifred Sandy, LSA Secretary General, Re-elected

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