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The children are our precious jewels

Updated: Feb 23

The Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) holds its children in the highest regard, recognizing them as the future leaders and pride of our community. These young individuals play pivotal roles in shaping both the present and future of LSA, and it is our collective duty to nurture and support them in every conceivable way. With this profound sentiment in mind, LSA is thrilled to unveil its eagerly anticipated Easter Fun Day Celebration for kids, slated to unfold on Saturday, April 20, 2019, at Bäverdamsgränd 19, Rågsved, from 12:00 to 18:00.

In line with the visionary leadership of LSA, the dedicated children's committee has meticulously curated this Easter Fun Day event to furnish our children, regardless of their backgrounds, with a day brimming with joy, learning, and cultural immersion. The program has been thoughtfully crafted to offer an array of captivating activities, including egg hunting, games, face painting, and more, enabling our children not only to revel in the festivities but also to delve into the vibrant culture and history of Liberia.

The children's committee is steadfast in its commitment to ensuring that this day unfolds as a memorable and enriching experience for all participants. Parents are warmly encouraged to bring their children and partake in the festivities, fostering enduring memories and fortifying community bonds. Delectable food and refreshing beverages will be on hand to further enhance the enjoyment of the occasion.

To ensure the resounding success of this event, the generous support of all Liberians and LSA supporters is indispensable. We kindly request a financial contribution of 100kr via Swish to mobile number #0729387153 (LSA financial secretary). Your contributions will play a pivotal role in guaranteeing that our children have an Easter celebration that is truly unforgettable.

LSA President, David Ford, underscores the profound significance of your contributions, affirming, "Your support is invaluable for the well-being and happiness of our children."

For further information or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at +46720477110. Let us unite as a community to celebrate our children and forge cherished memories that will endure for a lifetime. We eagerly anticipate your presence at the Easter Fun Day Celebration!

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