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Mr. Francis Mensah Leadership

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

The Liberian Swedish Association, LSA on October 13, 2018, held an Election in Södertälje Municipality, Sweden to elect a new leadership for its LSA Sweden, Stockholm branch. This election came about as a result of the resignation of the then presiding leadership, Mr. Francis Monnoh Mensah and other officials.

Mr. Mensah will always be remembered for his relentless efforts for bringing Liberians living in Sweden together and keeping the LSA spirit alive. Mr. Mensah served his community and people diligently with a great sense of responsibility and commitment, never wavering in the execution of his duties in his usual cool and calculated disposition.

According to the outgoing Chairman, Mr. Mensah, on several occasions had expressed his desire to retire from the post as Chairman of LSA, thereby creating a democratic climate within the organisation as well as giving other competent and capable Liberians the opportunity to lead their community. But in spite of the many attempts at relinquishing his position, nobody came forward with the determination and willingness to take over the steering of the LSA leadership through the process of a well-organised voting process by the members.

Mr. Francis Monnoh Mensah (Former LSA Chairman)

During Mr. Mensah tenure as chairman, he supported, encouraged and motivated several Liberians to become their best in every capacity possible. Moreover, he and his officials established LSA as a reputable, distinguished and capable organisation that could be reckoned with among other sisters African and Liberian organizations within the EU and beyond.

As a true and loving son of Liberia, the Liberian and African communities in Sweden will miss the leadership of Mr. Mensah and his dedicated officials, but like they always say “change is inevitable". Moreover, Mr. Mensah must move on to greater challenges to better serve his people and community. Mr. Mensah currently serves as Secretary-General for the European Federation of Liberians Association (EFLA).

With regards to the recent Election, it was conducted by the appointed LSA Election Commission headed by Mr. Andrew Geegbe Wolo, Chairman and Mr. Nikki Garsuah, Assistant-Chairman. After a series of electoral activities, a new leader emerged in the person of Mr. David Thomas Ford. On December 1, 2018, Mr. Ford and his appointed cabinet of officials were inaugurated into office. As a way to serve and lead his community, during his inaugural remarks, the new leader, Mr. Ford, vowed to help unite Liberians living in and around the Stockholm areas, as well in other cities and municipalities in Sweden. Mr. Ford also vowed to work closely with other Africans and Swedish communities and organizations to maintain and enhance the long-lasting relationship that has been established under the outgoing LSA administration.

During the inaugural ceremony, Mr. Ford and his elected officials presented the outgoing executive, Mr. Mensah and other officials, ‘Certificates of Appreciations’ for their hard work, commitment, and sacrifices made during their time in office, and applauded them with a standing ovation.

Moreover, Mr. Ford urged Mr. Mensah and his officials to continue their great work in other capacities and to work closely with his administration to achieve the key goals of LSA. Mr. Ford went on to encourage Liberians in and around the Stockholm areas and beyond to put aside their differences, and negative notions towards LSA, and to put ‘Mama Liberia first and at the same time, be patriotic to their country and community by extending financial and moral support to LSA, which is striving to unite all Liberians in Sweden.

To achieve his leadership agenda, Mr. Ford has adopted a “Decentralised Organisation Structure” by appointing officials from different cities under the LSA Stockholm Branch, such as Uppsala, Central Stockholm, Märsta, and Södertälje, and promises to appoint more Liberians that has the desire to serve LSA from other cities and municipalities. Furthermore, he has also created several committees in order to address some of the major concerns that have been raised by Liberians. In addition, as part of his desire to unify Liberians in Sweden, Mr. Ford has launched a campaign in conjunction with Liberians living in the north of Sweden, who have approached him with the request to establish an LSA Northern Branch for Liberians residing in those areas.

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