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Mr. Francis Mensah Leadership

Updated: Feb 23

The Liberian Swedish Association, LSA, held a significant Election on October 13, 2018, in Södertälje Municipality, Sweden, marking a pivotal moment for its Stockholm branch. This election followed the resignation of the esteemed Mr. Francis Monnoh Mensah and other officials who had diligently led the organization.

Mr. Mensah's tenure was marked by tireless efforts to unite Liberians in Sweden and uphold the spirit of LSA. His commitment and sense of responsibility were unwavering, leaving an indelible mark on the community. Despite expressing a desire to step down and foster democratic leadership transitions, no successor emerged, highlighting the unique challenges of leadership succession within community organizations.

Under Mr. Mensah's guidance, LSA flourished, earning recognition as a reputable and distinguished organization within the Liberian and broader African communities in Europe. His legacy of support and encouragement empowered countless Liberians to excel, contributing to the organization's growth and prominence.

As Mr. Mensah transitions to new endeavors, including his role as Secretary-General for the European Federation of Liberians Association (EFLA), he leaves behind a legacy of leadership and service that will be sorely missed.

The recent Election, overseen by the LSA Election Commission chaired by Mr. Andrew Geegbe Wolo and Assistant-Chairman Mr. Nikki Garsuah, ushered in a new era of leadership led by Mr. David Thomas Ford. His inauguration on December 1, 2018, marked a fresh chapter for LSA, as he pledged to foster unity among Liberians in Stockholm and across Sweden.

During the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Ford expressed gratitude to Mr. Mensah and his outgoing team, presenting them with Certificates of Appreciation for their dedicated service. He emphasized the importance of continuity and collaboration, urging the former leadership to remain engaged in advancing LSA's goals.

Mr. Ford's leadership vision includes a decentralized organizational structure, appointing officials from various cities under the LSA Stockholm Branch to ensure broad representation and inclusivity. He has also established committees to address key community concerns and initiated efforts to unify Liberians across Sweden, including plans to establish an LSA Northern Branch.

As LSA embarks on this new chapter, Mr. Ford's commitment to fostering unity, collaboration, and service will guide the organization toward continued growth and impact within the Liberian diaspora community in Sweden. Through collective effort and dedication, LSA will uphold its mission to unite and empower Liberians, ensuring that their voices are heard and their needs addressed.

Mr. Francis Monnoh Mensah (Former LSA Chairman)

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