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New Leaders to Govern LSA Malmö Chapter. Congratulations!

Updated: Feb 22

Tejan Fahnbullah

Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) remains steadfast in its commitment to community development. On Saturday, September 5, 2020, despite the prevailing circumstances, the LSA Malmö Chapter successfully conducted elections to appoint new leaders to oversee its administrative affairs. Following a series of electoral activities, two individuals were elected to lead the chapter: Mr. Tejan Fahnbullah as Chairman, and Miss Ayo Nanno Mawana as the Vice-Chairlady.

Ayo Nanno Mawana

Before the election, the chapter was overseen by Mr. Charles Massaquoi and Madam Susanna Leith, who were appointed as interim leaders by LSA President, Mr. David Ford, on July 20, 2019, in Malmö, Sweden. They were entrusted with the responsibility of managing the chapter's affairs until it was appropriate to hold elections. However, due to personal commitments, Madam Leith later resigned, and Mr. Lusiny Swaray took her place. Subsequently, Mr. Richard B. Fully and Miss Daisy Wesseh were appointed as Secretary and Financial Secretary, respectively.

Charles Massaquoi

Upon assuming leadership roles, the appointed leaders encountered various challenges within the community, including disunity among members and a perceived stagnation in the chapter's progress. Despite these obstacles, the interim leaders remained resolute and collaborated closely with the LSA Stockholm Headquarters to address these issues. Through perseverance and dedication, they successfully fostered an atmosphere of unity and harmony among members, ultimately restoring the chapter to its former prominence.

The inauguration ceremony for the newly elected officials took place on Saturday, September 5, 2020, via the online platform Zoom, where LSA President Mr. David Ford officially installed them into office. Mrs. Koo Y. Joseph, LSA Vice-President, and Mrs. Winnifred Sandy, LSA Secretary-General, delivered remarks, emphasizing the importance of diligent service and resilience in the face of challenges.

Several distinguished members from various LSA communities attended the ceremony, including Mr. Ambrose Julue, Chairman of LSA Norrland Chapter; Mr. Francis Mensah, former LSA President; Mr. Abraham Sandy, former Chairman of LSA Malmö; and Mr. Barry Karmoh, Chairman of the LSA Disciplinary and Reconciliation Committee. They pledged their support to the incoming leaders and encouraged them to prioritize unity and community development.

Mr. Charles Massaquoi and Mr. Richard B. Fully, representing the interim leadership, congratulated the new officials and urged them to lead with excellence for the benefit of the LSA Malmö community. They expressed gratitude to the LSA Stockholm Headquarters for their support during their tenure.

In his inaugural address, Mr. Tejan Fahnbullah expressed gratitude to the election commissioners and outlined plans to establish a reconciliation committee to further enhance unity within the LSA Malmö chapter. Miss Ayo Nanno Mawana pledged to collaborate closely with women in the community and across various LSA chapters to encourage their active participation.

In closing, Mr. Ford thanked the election commissioners for their diligent work and commended the outgoing interim leadership for their achievements. He encouraged the incoming leaders to be proactive and maintain a positive outlook, emphasizing the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the community. He urged them to leverage the support offered by both former and current LSA leaders to fulfill their responsibilities effectively.

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