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Mrs. Sandy was celebrated in grand style!

Updated: Feb 23

In the heart of the Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) community, the mantra "our community matters" isn't just a catchphrase; it's a deeply ingrained belief that resonates with every member. Here, elders are revered, children are cherished, and every individual is regarded as invaluable.

This belief was vividly illustrated on Saturday, January 18, 2020, as the LSA community came together to celebrate the 60th birthday of one of its esteemed elders, Mrs. Winifred Nicol Sandy. Surrounded by fellow LSA members and supporters, the occasion was a testament to the tight-knit bonds and collective spirit that define the community.

Though Mrs. Sandy officially turned 60 on December 31, 2019, she opted to delay the festivities until Saturday, January 18, 2020, to ensure she could share this special milestone with her loved ones. The celebration attracted a diverse crowd, with Liberians, Sierra Leoneans, Nigerians, and others from various backgrounds joining in the festivities.

Affectionately known as Winifred, she is held in high regard both within and beyond the LSA community for her nurturing demeanor. Widely regarded as a devoted mother, a loving spouse, and a compassionate individual deeply rooted in her faith, Winifred's commitment to serving her community is unwavering. Currently serving as the Secretary-General of LSA, she tirelessly dedicates herself to supporting her fellow members in every capacity. Her acts of kindness extend far beyond official duties, often opening her home to those in need. In recognition of her exceptional contributions, she was honored as one of LSA's outstanding mothers in 2019.

For her milestone birthday celebration, Winifred and her family pulled out all the stops, ensuring the event was a lavish affair. Guests were treated to delectable cuisine, a well-stocked open bar offering an array of beverages, and elegantly adorned venues. The atmosphere was further enlivened by the infectious beats of DJs Sporting and Chuck, setting the stage for heartfelt speeches expressing love and gratitude from Winifred's children.

The event was graced by distinguished figures from the LSA community, including President David Ford, Vice President Koo Y. Joseph, former President Francis Mensah, Vice President Glady T. Nwah, and other prominent members. Additionally, Mr. Jimmy Saccoh, President of the Sierra Leone Union of Sweden, and other dignitaries joined in the festivities, highlighting the widespread respect and admiration for Mrs. Sandy.

As a token of appreciation for her selfless contributions, Mrs. Sandy was showered with gifts from numerous well-wishers, including LSA officials. In a gesture of gratitude, she reciprocated by generously distributing personalized mugs to guests, symbolizing her heartfelt appreciation for their love and support.

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