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Mrs. Sandy Celebrated in Grand Style!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

In the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA community ”our community matters”, is a slogan that means a lot to LSA. In this community, the elders are respected and celebrated, the kids are the precious jewels, and overall, everyone matters.

The implication of this slogan manifested itself on Saturday, January 18, 2020, as one of LSA’s elder, Mrs. Winifred Nicol Sandy celebrated her 60th birthday and LSA members and supporters celebrated with her.

Mrs. Sandy turned 60th on December 31, 2019 but due to personal reasons, she decided to throw a grand party on a later date, which happens to be Saturday, January 18, 2020, in order to celebrate with family and friends. The party brought together several Liberians, Sierra Leoneans, Nigerians and others from different communities.

Winifred as she is commonly referred to by her peers, is known as an outstanding woman both within the LSA community and beyond. Many describe her as someone with a loving personality - as a devoted mother, loving wife and a kind-hearted and God-fearing person. Moreover, she is also known as someone who does not shy away or neglects her community. Currently, she serves as the Secretary-General for the LSA, and always goes beyond measure to serve LSA and its community members in several ways possible, whenever it is needed. Similarly, Mrs. Sandy is also known as someone who opens up her home to people during times of need. Because of her unwavering kind gestures in and outside of the LSA community, she was recognized and honored as one of LSA's outstanding mothers of the year in 2019.

With regard to Saturday's party, Mrs. Sandy and her family and close friends went all out to throw a grand party. As such, they made sure delicious food was available and in abundance, drinks of various kinds were served at an open bar, the party hall was beautifully decorated, and two dope DJs, (DJ Sporting and DJ Chuck) played the latest music from various genres. In addition, children of the celebrant made exceptional remarks to show their love and appreciations.

Attending the event was some prominent personalities of the LSA community, including LSA President, Mr. David Ford, Vice President, Mrs. Koo Y. Joseph and other key officials and members. Furthermore, LSA former President, and Vice President, Mr. Francis Mensah, and Sis Glady T. Nwah and other officials were also present to celebrate. In addition, the President of the ,Sierra Leone Union of Sweden, Mr. Jimmy Saccoh and some officials and members also came out to celebrate with Mrs. Sandy.

As a way of demonstrating appreciation for the celebrant, many people including LSA officials showered Mrs. Sandy with gifts. In return, she gave away customized mugs to guests as token of appreciation for their kind gestures.

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