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LSANB Summer Celebration Event and Barbecue in Umeå

The Liberian Swedish Association Norrland Branch (LSANB) leadership organized and hosted a summer celebration event and barbecue on Saturday, July 6, in Umeå, located in the north of Sweden. The event aimed to bring together members and supporters to enjoy the summer season and strengthen community bonds. The LSANB is one of the chapters of the Liberian Swedish Association (LSA).

In preparation for the event, the LSANB leadership held a series of meetings with its members to discuss and plan the details. Key points on the agenda included selecting the venue and determining the appropriate time frame for the event. After thorough discussions, it was decided that Umeå would be the ideal location.

The LSANB has members spread across northern Sweden, from Sundsvall to Piteå. This event provided a valuable opportunity for members from these various locations to gather, connect, and celebrate together.

Prior to the event, the LSANB leadership informed the LSA national leadership, headed by David Ford, about the upcoming celebration. In response, Ford replied with a letter of appreciation and extended his best wishes for the event.

The event was a resounding success, drawing several members from Sundsvall and surrounding cities in the Norrland region. The LSA national leadership extends heartfelt congratulations to the LSANB leadership and members for hosting such a remarkable event and barbecue. Their efforts and sacrifices to foster unity and progress within the LSA community are truly commendable.

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