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LSA visited the Graves of fallen Brothers

The "All Saints Day (Memorial Day/Decoration Day) in Sweden is a national holiday that has both religious and traditional significance. While the date of this holiday is the 1st of November on the church calendar, Sweden observes All Saints Day on the first Saturday in November which happened to be on the 2nd of November of 2019. Many in Sweden visit grave site(s) of belated love ones on this day to show their continuous love and respect.

In order to honour this day, some officials and members of the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA community visited the grave sites of two of their fallen brothers, the late Mr. Germaine Verdier and Mr. Austin Boye Johnson to show their continuous love and respect by laying flowers and saying prayers for them.

As a community LSA remains delegated and strives to serve as a unifying umbrella and family to its community members and supporters, even in the case of death. With LSA "Our Community Matters" always!

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