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LSA visited the Graves of fallen Brothers

Updated: Feb 23

"All Saints Day (Memorial Day/Decoration Day) in Sweden holds a significant place in the national calendar, blending religious reverence with cherished traditions. While the church designates November 1st as the official date, Sweden observes All Saints Day on the first Saturday of November, which falls on November 2nd in 2019. On this solemn occasion, many Swedes pay homage to their departed loved ones by visiting their gravesites, symbolizing enduring love and respect.

In a heartfelt tribute to this tradition, officials and members of the Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) community came together to honor the memory of two fallen brothers, the late Mr. Germaine Verdier and Mr. Austin Boye Johnson. They gathered at their gravesites, offering floral tributes and offering prayers as a token of their everlasting affection and remembrance.

For LSA, the ethos of unity and family extends beyond the bounds of life, encompassing the realm of death. Even in moments of grief, LSA stands as a beacon of support and solidarity, epitomizing the principle that 'Our Community Matters' always, fostering a sense of belonging and kinship among its members and supporters."

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