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LSA Upcoming Christmas Events

As 2021 is gearing towards an end, the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA will once again host events to commemorate the upcoming christmas holidays. The LSA has undeniably become known for hosting events that are distinct and epic in Sweden. These events are usually hosted to honor important dates in its community, including the christmas holiday.

The christmas holiday season is all about making memories! From the tiny thing of a family setting up and decorating their christmas tree, to cooking delicious meals, sharing gifts, visiting or having friends over to eat dinner or watch favorite christmas movies, and etc..

We (LSA) as a community have a unique way of creating our own christmas memories. To break it down, we usually organzied and host unique events during the christmas holidays for our member and supporters to come together, as one big family from across Sweden to celebrate and kick-off the christmas holidays. This allows us to create unique memories that are special to us, which is something that everyone usually cherish for many years ahead. During these event, it is a chance for us to think about what really matters to us as a community and that is us, like our slogan says "Our Community Matters".

In this regard, the LSA have organized two grand events to kick-off this year's christmas holidays. Please see the flyers for more details!!

1. The first event will take place in Sundsvall under the banner “Winter Party”.

  • DATE: Saturday, November 27, 2021,

  • TIME: 20:00,

  • VENUE: ENGLAPORTEN, Södra Järnvägsgatan 25, 852 37 Sundsvall, Sweden

2. The second and final event will take place in Norsborg, Stockholm. This is popularly known as the LSA "BLACK & RED" Pre-Christman Party.

  • DATE: Satuarday, December, 04, 2021,

  • TIME: 09:00 - 04:00,

  • VENUE: ARAMEISKA – SYRIANSK FÖRENINGS LOKAL, Norsborg Centrum, Mimersvägen 3, 145 70, NORSBORG.

The LSA leadership is urging all members and supporters of LSA to kindly attend these events to celebrate with each other and create lifetime memories. YOU ARE WELCOME!!!

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