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LSA To Host General Election. Election Commissioners Appointed & Installed.

The leadership of the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA appointed and installed three prominent LSA members as Election Commissioners for the LSA's upcoming General Election in 2023. This occurred during an LSA General Meeting on Saturday, 2023-01-28 via Zoom. The three members are Mr. Beyan Kesselly as Chairman, Madam Oretha Mennoh as Vice Chairperson, and Mr. Saye P. Gbargbay as Member.

According to the LSA President, Mr. David Ford, these individuals were selected based on their expertise and commitments to the LSA. Each individual has worked in capacities that have led to the upliftment and greater good of LSA and its members.

Mr. Kesselly previously served as election commissioner chairman for prior elections held in the LSA Norrland and Malmö Chapters, whereas Miss Mannoh has diligently served in capacities to organize and host major events, including the Liberian Independence Day celebrations in Sweden and events for children. Mr. Gbargbay, on the other hand, has served on multiple committees to enhance the smooth operations of the LSA leadership and community.

Photo from left to right: Mr. Beyan Kessely, Madam Oretha Mennoh, and Mr. Saye P. Gbargbay

The LSA leadership believes these three individuals will do a wonderful job in handling the upcoming election. The election will cover the positions of the LSA National President, Vice President, Secretary General, etc. The Election Commissioner will operate according to the LSA constitution and is responsible for handling all matters and information, and setting the timeframe for the election.

The LSA's current leadership will exclude itself from all electoral matters and is calling on all LSA members to fully cooperate and support these individuals to help facilitate a smooth electoral process and outcome.

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