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LSA To Host General Election. Election Commissioners Appointed & Installed.

Updated: Feb 22

The leadership of the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA, recently appointed and installed three esteemed LSA members as Election Commissioners for the LSA's upcoming General Election in 2023. This momentous decision took place during an LSA General Meeting held on Saturday, January 28, 2023, via Zoom. The three appointed members are Mr. Beyan Kesselly, assuming the role of Chairman, Madam Oretha Mennoh as Vice Chairperson, and Mr. Saye P. Gbargbay as Member.

According to Mr. David Ford, the President of LSA, these individuals were carefully selected based on their outstanding expertise and unwavering commitment to the LSA community. Each commissioner brings a wealth of experience and dedication to their respective roles, contributing significantly to the advancement and welfare of LSA and its members.

Mr. Kesselly, having previously served as the election commissioner chairman for past elections within the LSA Norrland and Malmö Chapters, brings invaluable experience and leadership to his new position. Miss Mennoh has demonstrated exceptional organizational skills through her diligent efforts in coordinating and hosting major events, including the vibrant celebrations of Liberian Independence Day in Sweden and various events catered to children. Mr. Gbargbay's extensive involvement in multiple committees underscores his dedication to ensuring the smooth functioning of LSA's leadership and community activities.

With such a capable and dedicated team at the helm, the LSA community can rest assured that the upcoming General Election will be conducted with integrity, transparency, and efficiency, reflecting the values and aspirations of its members.

Photo from left to right: Mr. Beyan Kessely, Madam Oretha Mennoh, and Mr. Saye P. Gbargbay

The LSA leadership has full confidence in the capabilities of these three individuals to effectively manage the upcoming election. The election will encompass crucial positions within the LSA, including the National President, Vice President, Secretary General, and more. Operating in accordance with the LSA constitution, the Election Commissioners will oversee all aspects of the election process, including managing information dissemination and establishing the election timeline.

To ensure impartiality and transparency, the current leadership of LSA headed by Mr. David Ford will abstain from involvement in electoral affairs. Instead, they call upon all LSA members to extend their full cooperation and support to the appointed commissioners. Together, we can contribute to a seamless electoral process and a favorable outcome for the benefit of the entire LSA community.

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