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LSA to Celebrate Liberia's Independence Day in Stockholm

The Liberian Swedish Association, LSA, will host a two-day festivity in Stockholm, Sweden, to commemorate Liberia's July 26th independence day. This event aims to bring Liberians in Sweden together to celebrate and honor Liberia's Independence Day.

The festivity is scheduled to take place on Friday, July 23rd, and Saturday, July 24th respectively. This was announced by Mr. David Ford, President of the LSA during LSA's General Meeting on Saturday, June 26th via Zoom. Mr. Ford stated that these dates were chosen because Liberia's actual independence day, July 26th of this year falls on a Monday, which is usually a hectic weekday. Mr. Ford, added that hosting a grand event on such a day could be difficult to get people together to celebrate.

According to the LSA Planning Committee, the first day, Friday, July 23th will take place at Norsborg Centrum, Mimersvägen 3, 145 70, Norborg, from 17:00 to 03:00. Activities will include a meet & Greet for LSA's members from across Sweden, a brief conference to conclude LSA's Constitution Amendment process, follow by all-night dancing. Music will be provided by one of Stockholm's finest DJs, DJ Junior.

For the second and final day, Saturday, July 24th, activities will include remarks by the LSA leadership and some prominent members of the LSA community, BQQ/Grilling, Playing games (checker/draughts, lulu, cards, and more), etc. Everyone is encouraged to bring food on this day to grill. The LSA planning committee promised to provide the charcoal for grilling and some gifts for the kids. This event will take place at Varby Gård Strand, Stockholm, from 14:00 till 23:30. DJ Junior will again grace the occasion with the latest hits songs.

According to the LSA leadership, all the necessary covid-19 measures will be put in place during the events.

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