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LSA Setup Committee to Amend Its Constitution to Meet Current Day Realties!

Updated: Feb 22

The leadership of the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA, under the guidance of Mr. David Ford, has established a committee comprising esteemed members of the Liberian community to undertake the vital task of amending the LSA's constitution to align with current realities.

Addressing attendees during the LSA General Meeting held on Saturday, June 26th, Mr. Ford emphasized the importance of this committee, which has been meticulously formed over three months. The committee's formation involved thorough discussions, deliberations, and careful selection of capable individuals who represent various LSA communities.

The primary responsibility bestowed upon this committee is to conduct a comprehensive review of every aspect of the LSA's constitution. They aim to identify and rectify any outdated or incongruent laws that no longer resonate with the present-day operations and membership dynamics of the LSA.

The committee was formally introduced to the LSA community during the General Meeting held via Zoom on Saturday, 2021-06-27. It is led by Mr. Francis Mensah, a distinguished figure who has served as the former President of LSA and currently holds the position of Secretary-General of the European Federation of Liberian Associations, EFLA.

The committee's membership comprises individuals renowned for their dedication and commitment to LSA:

1. Mr. Francis Mensah - Chairman

2. Mrs. Bridget R. Forssén - Vice-Chairperson

3. Mr. Simon Reeves - Member

4. Mr. Barry Karmoh - Member

5. Mr. Beyan Kessely - Member

6. Mr. Boakai Sandy - Member

7. Mrs. Courage B. Sundberg - Member

8. Mr. Tejan Fahnbulleh - Member

9. Mr. Saye P. Gbargbay - Member

Given their wealth of experience and unwavering dedication to LSA, the leadership expresses confidence that these individuals will excel in their assigned roles. The LSA leadership extends a heartfelt call to all members of the LSA community to collaborate with the committee and provide valuable input when called upon.

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