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LSA say a Prayer for its community members for 2019!

Updated: Feb 23

A Prayer for Guidance and Protection in 2019

Oh God, our strength and our refuge,

In humble reverence, we come before you,

Acknowledging our complete dependence on your grace.

For in times of abundance, we recognize that all blessings flow from your boundless love,

And in moments of trial, it is in you that we find solace and strength.

With hearts filled with trust, we place our lives in your hands,

Knowing that our success and our very existence are sustained by your divine providence.

Oh God, we cannot navigate this journey of life without you,

We implore you to shield us from all harm and guide our footsteps in the year 2019,

And in every moment that follows, now and for eternity.

Grant us wisdom to discern your will,

Courage to face the challenges that lie ahead,

And faith to trust in your unwavering love.

May your light illuminate our path,

And your grace be our constant companion,

As we journey through the days and seasons of this new year.

In your mercy, hear our prayer, oh God,

And may your blessings be upon us now and forevermore. Amen.

May God Bless Us All in 2019

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