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LSA's President Meets with Delegates from Liberia in Stockholm.

Mr. David Ford, the president of the Liberian Swedish Associations, LSA met with a delegation from Liberia on Thursday, 2022-05-12 in Stockholm, Sweden. The delegation headed by Madam Florence Brandy, superintendent of Montserrodo County, included several Liberians representing Liberia's governmental agencies. (Montserrodo is the residing county of Liberia's capital city, Monrovia).

Superintendent Florence Brandy and Mr. David Ford

Mr. Ford in his continuous efforts to fully represent the LSA at several levels, took the time off his busy schedule to meet with madam Brandy and delegate to discuss issues concerning their trip to Sweden and some critical issues affecting the Liberian society, particularly Montserrado.

In a sit-down discussion, madam Brandy informed Mr. Ford that she and her delegates of 16 persons are in Sweden, specifically the Gävle municipality for a three weeks training program, to learn and improve their capacity in Land management, data collection, and conflict resolutions in this sector.

According to madam Brandy, the training workshop is sponsored by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, SIDA, and implemented by Lantmäteriat - a Swedish agency that is responsible for mapping Sweden, demarcating boundaries, and guaranteeing secure ownership of Sweden’s real property, and for providing information and documentation on Sweden’s geography and real properties.

Regarding Montserrado, Madam Brandy further pointed out that waste collection and management is a challenge for the Monrovia City Governance. And, this challenge is mostly caused by the lack of appropriate resources to enable the City Governance to collect and dispose of garbage from in and around the city of Monrovia. Another key area of challenge madam Brandy pointed out, is the willingness of Liberians in the country to adhere to basic rules and regulations about waste disposal.

Madam Brandy and Team having dinner in Stockholm

In response to madam Brandy, Mr. Ford expressed his disappointment about such an ordeal and stated that it is a sad situation, but one that could be prevented or solved. He believe this could be acheive if the Government of Liberia allocate major financial support in this sector and enforce existing laws that will prevent and hold citizens accountable for poorly disposing waste in the city of Monrovia.

Mr. Ford further added that LSA as a Liberian diaspora organization in Sweden, is fascinated by helping underprivileged children in Libera, and his leadership had plans to make this a reality but the disruptive Covid-19 derailed such plans. At the end of the discussion, Mr. Ford provided some information about the LSA community.

Madam Brandy and Team having dinner in Stockholm

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