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LSA President End-of-the-year Message to LSA Members & Well-wishers

Updated: Jul 17

Mr. David Ford, President, LSA

On Sunday 18th December 2022, the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA president, Mr. David Ford conveyed an end-of-the-year message to members and well-wishers of the LSA organization through its official WhatsApp group page.

Accordingly, Mr. Ford’s presented a message that was penned down and layout in co-related orders, touching on several relevant subjects in the LSA community. He started off by thanking and appreciating members and well-wishers of LSA for their support in 2022. This was then followed by an apologist on behalf of his leadership for any unintentional shortcomings and letdowns in the process of executing their duties as leaders.

Mr. Ford went on to encourage members to continue believing in the LSA because it was founded to unite ALL Liberians in Sweden under one unified umbrella organization without any form of discrimination.

Finally, Mr. Ford rendered an appealed and encouraged everyone, including members of his leadership to continue exhibiting good moral behavior towards each other in the LSA community, and to others beyond the community. He also encouraged them to live as good residents of Sweden.

In closing, the LSA president wished members and well-wishers and their families Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year, 2023!

Below is Mr. Ford's full message:

“Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone of you and your family is in good health!

As we are about to end another year and enter a new one, the leadership of the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA would like to express a few things to everyone of you, the members, supporters, and well-wishers of the LSA, which are as follows:

1. We want to express our deepest and sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone of you for your support (paying dues, attending events, attending meetings, serving in committees and etc.) and your courage to stand with us and the esteemed LSA in 2022.

2. We also like to apologize for any shortcomings and letdowns, knowingly or unknowingly that happened in our efforts to execute our duties as leaders of LSA.

3. Moreover, we want to encourage every one of you to continue to believe in the LSA, with or without this current leadership - Because the LSA was founded on the ground that is meant to unite ALL Liberian across Sweden under one unified umbrella organization, without any form of discrimination in regard of favoritism, tribal, gender, religion, and/or age.

4. Finally, we want to appeal to and encourage every one of you, including us, the leaders to continue exhibiting good moral conduct towards eachother in our community, and others beyond our community. And, to live as good residents of Sweden, by respecting and upholding the Swedish laws and moral values!


May God Continue to Bless Us All and the LSA!”

“Our Community Matters”

Thank you!

David Ford

President, LSA

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