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LSA Presents it's Logo!

Updated: Feb 23

The Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) proudly unveils its official logo! After careful consideration, LSA officials and the board have recognized the importance of creating a symbol that embodies the essence of our organization. This logo will serve as the visual representation of the Liberian Swedish Association, capturing its values and mission.

The logo features two distinct sections: the upper section depicts the vibrant colors of the Liberian national flag, while the lower section showcases the iconic hues of the Swedish national flag. This thoughtful design serves as a powerful symbol of unity and solidarity, representing both nations that LSA proudly represents and serves.

Furthermore, the design of the logo reflects the principles of minimalist Scandinavian design philosophy. Embracing the concept that "less is more," the clean and simple aesthetic of the logo ensures that its message is conveyed clearly and effectively.

As we introduce our new logo, we are excited to embark on this journey with a visual identity that reflects our commitment to unity, diversity, and collaboration. Let this emblem serve as a beacon of our shared values and aspirations as we continue to make a positive impact within our community and beyond.

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