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LSA Norrland to Host An Epic Event in Sundsvall

The Liberian Swedish Association, LSA Norrland chapter will host an epic event on Saturday, November 30th, to kick off the 2019 Christmas holidays. The event is scheduled to take place in Sundsvall, in the Västernorrland County of Sweden at Nybrogatan 30, 842 36 from 20:00 till 02:30.

As part of the aim and objective of LSA, the leadership of the Norrland chapter (a chapter which serve as an extension of LSA for Liberians residing in the north of Sweden, from Sundsvall to cities further north of Sweden) has said that their November 30th event is in efforts to bring Liberians and well-wishers together under one unify LSA and to help strengthen the existing bond between them.

In addition, on matters concerning the event, the head of LSA Norrland planning committee, Redcy Wruou told LSA media team on Monday, October 14th, that she and her committee members are doing everything possible to make sure the event become a success and one to remember. She also added that LSA President, Mr. David Ford, and Vice President, Mrs. Koo Y. Joseph along with some officials from LSA Stockholm headquarter will be attending to grace the event. Ms. Wruou went on to further add that the event will consist of live performances by Liberian musicians based in Sweden, and DJ Sporting will be spinning the latest Liberian music, Afrobeat, dancehall, raegga, and oldies from the 90s, so that everyone can have a splendid time.

In addition, Mr. Sekou konneh, LSA Norrland secretary via a post on LSA WhatsApp group has invited LIberians from other parts of Sweden to attend and celebrate with their fellow Liberians living in the Norrland areas.

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