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LSA Norrland Branch New Leaders Installed into Office.

On Saturday, February 22, 2020, the Liberian Swedish Association Norrland Branch (LSANB) successfully hosted an election after one year of being governed by an interim leadership. LSANB is an extension of the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA for Liberians residing in the north of Sweden.

The election was conducted through the professional efforts of the appointed Election Commissioners, Mr. Beyan Raphael Kesselly, Chairman and Mr. Abraham Jallah, Co-Chairman. After a series of electoral activities, the following persons came out victorious; Mr. Ambrose Julue, as Chairman, Mr. George T. Wilson, as Vice Chairman, Mr. Sekou A. Konneh, as General Secretary, and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Bah, as the Financial Secretary for the LSANB community.

An inaugural ceremony was scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 4th in Umeå, but due to the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Sweden, coupled with the restriction imposed on public-gatherings by the Swedish Authority, the event was canceled until further notice. However, through the joint efforts of the leadership of LSA Stockholm Headquarter, the election commissioners, and the outgoing leadership of LSANB, an inaugural ceremony was held on Saturday, April 19, via the online platform "Zoom". During this time, LSA President, David Ford sworn in the various elected officials.

Speaking at the event, the LSANB newly installed Chairman, Mr. Ambrose Julue stated that his goal is to unite LSANB members, and to work adequately with LSA Stockholm headquarter and LSA other chapters. Mr. Julue believes that through unity, LSANB will achieve all other things.

Also speaking was LSA’s VP, Mrs. Joseph and General Secretary, Mrs. Sandy. Both ladies thanked LSANB out-going interim leaders, headed by Weah Ephraim Harris for a job well done, and encouraged the incoming leaders to be steadfast in their roles as they strive to overcome challenges for the betterment of LSANB members and all Liberians in Sweden.

In a closing remark, LSA President, Mr. Ford thanked the election commissioners for a tremendous job done in making sure that a free and fair election was carried out and, he encouraged members of the incoming leadership to be tolerant, to forgive and work diligently to resolve any current and future problems that may arise in the LSANB community.

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