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LSA New Leadership 2019 Mission!

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

One of LSA Leadership mission in 2019 is for the organisation to established contact with majority of Liberians residing in Sweden. This campaign will include Stockholm, Mälmö, Goteborg, Sweden Norrland, and other small and major towns and cities in Sweden. To achieve this mission, the leadership in Stockholm have renovated and modernised the LSA website and created platforms such as the LSA blog and WhatsApp group to provide Liberians and supporters of the organisation with up-to-date information, easy access to registration and to sign-up for news on unfolding events in the Liberians community in Sweden. 

In addition, LSA leadership and community will also launch its humanitarian initiative called: “Let Liberians living in Sweden help underprivileged Children in Liberia”

We love Liberia but we love Sweden too!

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