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LSA New Leadership 2019 Mission!

Updated: Feb 23

In 2019, one of the primary missions of LSA Leadership is to establish contact with the majority of Liberians residing in Sweden. This ambitious campaign spans key cities such as Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, Sweden Norrland, as well as other towns and cities throughout Sweden. The goal is to create a network that encompasses Liberians from all corners of the country.

To achieve this mission, the leadership in Stockholm has embarked on several initiatives. Firstly, they have renovated and modernized the LSA website, ensuring it serves as a comprehensive hub for information and resources. Additionally, platforms such as the LSA blog and WhatsApp group have been created to provide Liberians and supporters of the organization with up-to-date information on community events, news, and opportunities for engagement.

Through these digital channels, individuals can easily access registration forms and sign up for updates on unfolding events within the Liberian community in Sweden. This streamlined approach aims to enhance communication and foster a sense of unity among Liberians dispersed across the country.

Furthermore, in alignment with its commitment to humanitarian efforts, LSA leadership and the community are set to launch a groundbreaking initiative titled "Let Liberians Living in Sweden Help Underprivileged Children in Liberia." This initiative underscores the organization's dedication to making a positive impact beyond Swedish borders, aiming to improve the lives of underprivileged children in Liberia.

By leveraging technology and collective action, LSA is poised to strengthen its connections within the Liberian diaspora and contribute meaningfully to the welfare of both its members and those in need back home in Liberia.

We love Liberia but we love Sweden too!

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