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LSA National Disciplinary & Reconciliation Committee

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Mr. David Ford, President of the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA announced on Saturday, 2020-08-01 that his leadership has created an "LSA National Reconciliation and Disciplinary Committee to operate across various LSA communities in Sweden". This announcement was made during LSA's usual General monthly Meeting.

Mr. Ford told attendees that the committee was finally created on Tuesday, July, 28, after several weeks of discussions, negotiations, and consultations with some members and officials from various LSA chapters. He added that his leadership saw the need to establish such a committee to enhance the effectiveness of his leadership. The committee is tasked with the responsibilities to resolved conflicts, unite members, and keep the law and order in various LSA chapters and communities. The committee will consult and report directly to the LSA President.

Furthermore, the committee will operate according to the LSA constitution, and take into account the moral-ethical guidelines that individuals are expected to live by in Sweden society - regarding how LSA members and supporters should behave without creating a negative image for the rest of the LSA community (e.g, fighting in public or at LSA community events, etc).

The committee comprised of Mr. Barry Karmon - Chairman (Linköping); Mr. Beyan Kesselly (Stockholm) - Vice Chairman; Mrs. Bridget R. Forssén (Piteå) - member; Mr. Abraham Sandy - member (Malmö); and Mr. Saye Perwon Gbargbay - member (Skellefteå).

Mr. Ford urges all LSA leaders and members to support and cooperate with this committee in terms of getting the job done. He believes that the success of this committee will help to create a positive image for LSA, which could subsequently lead to better things happening for LSA.

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