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LSA National Disciplinary & Reconciliation Committee

Updated: Feb 23

Mr. David Ford, President of the Liberian Swedish Association (LSA), made a significant announcement during the organization's regular monthly meeting on Saturday, August 1, 2020. He revealed the establishment of an "LSA National Reconciliation and Disciplinary Committee," designed to operate across various LSA communities in Sweden.

Mr. Ford informed attendees that after several weeks of discussions, negotiations, and consultations with members and officials from various LSA chapters, the committee was formally created on Tuesday, July 28. He emphasized the necessity for such a committee to enhance the effectiveness of the leadership and address internal issues within the association. The committee's primary responsibilities include conflict resolution, member unity, and maintaining law and order within LSA chapters and communities. Direct reporting to the LSA President ensures efficient oversight.

Operating in accordance with the LSA constitution and moral-ethical guidelines expected in Swedish society, the committee aims to uphold behavioral standards among LSA members and supporters. This includes discouraging actions detrimental to the association's reputation, such as public altercations or disruptions at LSA events.

The committee members are as follows: Mr. Barry Karmon (Chairman, Linköping), Mr. Beyan Kesselly (Vice Chairman, Stockholm), Mrs. Bridget R. Forssén (Member, Piteå), Mr. Abraham Sandy (Member, Malmö), and Mr. Saye Perwon Gbargbay (Member, Skellefteå).

Mr. Ford urged all LSA leaders and members to offer their support and cooperation to the committee. He believes that the committee's success in fostering a positive image for LSA will pave the way for further advancements within the organization.

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