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LSA has launched a new branch

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

On Saturday, March 30, 2019, the Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) launched a new branch called LSA Norrland branch. The branch will serve as an extension of LSA for Liberians residing in cities from Sundsvall to further north of Sweden. The program was attended by LSA president, Mr. David Ford, and vice president, Mrs. Koo Yelegon Joseph and several Liberians, Africans and Swedes.

In a remark Mr Ford thanked everyone for their commitments and efforts in making the day a reality and success. He used the occasion to appealed to Liberians in Sweden not to get involve in posting hate messages on Facebook about their country (Liberia) and president and/or government because there is no dignity in posting such messages, instead Liberians should pray for their government to do the right things.

In addition, the Vice President also speaking at the event, encourage Liberians living in Sweden to continue to be united and supportive of each other and to also think about extending help to Liberians living in deplorable conditions in Liberia.

In a closing remark, the newly installed Chairman, Weah Harris of the LSA Norrland branch encourage everyone attending the ceremony to be determine in their undertakings because determination brings about success. He added that it was by determination and the support of LSA national leadership that he and others were able to establish the LSA Norrland branch.

The ceremony was climaxed with a dinner and dance with music from Dj Sporting.

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