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LSA Community Announcement & Happenings

Updated: Feb 23

As we bid farewell to November and welcome the festive month of December, it's time to celebrate the birthdays of some cherished members of our community! Join us in extending warm wishes and blessings to the following individuals as they mark another year of life and love:

1. Selina T. King Bryant - December 8, 2018 - (1st picture)

On December 8th, we celebrate the birthday of Selina T. King Bryant. Known for her warmth and kindness, Selina is a beloved member of our community. Let's shower her with joy and blessings on her special day!

2. Fannie Pearson - December 15, 2018 - (2nd picture)

Fannie Pearson's birthday falls on December 15th. A beacon of positivity and grace, Fannie brings light to the lives of those around her. Join us in sending her heartfelt wishes for a day filled with happiness and love!

3. Mr. Francis Mensah - December 29, 2018 - (3rd picture)

On December 29th, we celebrate the birthday of Mr. Francis Mensah. A respected leader and friend to many, Francis's presence enriches our community in countless ways. Let's come together to wish him a day filled with joy, surrounded by loved ones.

As we commemorate these special occasions, let's remember to cherish the moments we share with our friends and loved ones. May each birthday celebration be a reminder of the precious gift of life and the bonds that unite us as a community. Happy Birthday to Selina, Fannie, and Mr. Francis! 🎉🎂🎈

And, let's congratulate Chrissun Pewu & Muriel Jusu Bah on their traditional engagement which took place in Umeå City on December 1, 2018. Congratulation to the both of you and families!!! May God richly bless your union.

There is an ongoing campaign to establish a new LSA Northen Branch for Liberians living in areas from Sundsvall to towns and cities further north of Sweden. This branch will help unite Liberians living in the north of Sweden and also serve as a contact point for Liberians and LSA headquarter in Stockholm.

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