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LSA Calendar of Events for 2020, and 2019 under review

Updated: Feb 23

The Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) is gearing up for an eventful year ahead with a calendar filled with exciting activities and ambitious goals for 2020.

LSA Calendar of Events for 2020:

1. LSA Malmö Unification and Afro-beat Event - (Malmö) - Stay tuned for more details!

2. LSA Norrland Inauguration and Afro-beat Event - April 4th, 2020 (Umeå)

3. LSA Kids Easter Day Event - April 11, 2020 (Stockholm)

4. LSA Mother's Day Event - May 30th, 2020 (Stockholm)

5. Liberia Independence Day Celebration in Sweden - August 8th, 2020 (Stockholm)

6. Liberia’s Flag Day Event in Sweden - August 22 or 29, 2020 (Stockholm or Göteberg)

7. Miss LSA (Liberia) pageant Sweden - Stay tuned for more details!

8. LSA Norrland Branch - End of the year event - October 31, 2020 (Sundsvall)

9. LSA Annual Black & Red Event - (Stockholm) November 28, 2020

In addition to these exciting events, the LSA leadership has set forth two key initiatives for 2020:

#1. Establishing a Liberian Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden

Recognizing the challenges faced by Liberians living in Scandinavia in accessing government services from Liberia, LSA leadership is committed to initiating a proposal to establish a Liberian embassy or consulate in Stockholm. This effort aims to address the needs of Liberians in Sweden and neighboring countries, facilitating easier access to services such as visa applications and passport renewals.

#2. Launching a Humanitarian Program for Underprivileged Children in Liberia

In response to the plight of underprivileged children in Liberia, exacerbated by economic hardship, LSA leadership plans to launch a humanitarian program aimed at improving the lives of these children. Through fundraising efforts, partnerships with donor organizations, and the support of LSA members and supporters, the program seeks to provide much-needed assistance to vulnerable children in Liberia.

Reflecting on the achievements of 2019, the LSA leadership has made significant strides in uniting and strengthening the bond among Liberians living in Sweden:

#1. Unifying Liberians Across Sweden

Since assuming leadership in December 2018, the LSA leadership has worked tirelessly to unite Liberians across Sweden under one LSA. By establishing decentralized leadership structures and fostering inclusivity, the leadership has successfully connected with Liberians from various communities and backgrounds. The creation of sub-chapters and outreach efforts have minimized the perception of LSA as representing only a specific group within the Liberian community.

#2. Promoting Awareness About LSA

In 2019, LSA leadership prioritized raising awareness and rebranding efforts to inform members and supporters about LSA's activities and events. Through initiatives such as the LSA blog, official Facebook page, and revamped website, the leadership has effectively disseminated information and engaged with the community. Partnerships with media outlets have further amplified LSA's visibility and outreach.

#3. Collaborating with Other Organizations

LSA leadership has fostered collaborative partnerships with other Liberian associations in Europe and worked closely with African and Swedish organizations to advance common goals and promote unity. By engaging with stakeholders and participating in joint initiatives, LSA has strengthened its position as a unifying force within the community.

Despite these achievements, the leadership encountered challenges, including resistance from some members and internal conflicts within certain chapters. However, through determination and collaboration, these challenges were overcome, enabling LSA to move forward and continue its mission of uniting and supporting Liberians in Sweden.

Looking ahead to 2020, LSA leadership remains committed to addressing remaining obstacles, resolving internal conflicts, and further strengthening unity among all Liberians in Sweden. Through collective efforts and unwavering dedication, LSA aims to build a stronger and more cohesive community for the benefit of all its members.

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