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Liberia's Flag Day Celebration In Stockholm

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

August 24th of every calendar year is a national holiday in the Republic of Liberia. It is the day Liberia adopted her flag to symbolize her national identity. The flag, which resembles that of the United States of America’s flag, was designed and hand-stitched by a committee of seven women, chair by Susannah Elizabeth Lewis. The other members were Matilda Newport, Rachel Johnson, Mary Hunter, Mrs. JB Russwurm, Colonette Teage Ellis, and Sara Draper. These women were born in the United States of America, many of whom were wives of prominent men in Liberia.

The Liberian flag, which is below, comprises of several parts that symbolize elements that are important to Liberia and Liberians. The eleven stripes symbolize the signatories of the Liberian Declaration of Independence; the red and white colors symbolize courage and moral excellence; the white star represents the first independent republic of Africa, and the blue square represents the African continent.

Every year Liberians home and abroad celebrates this important flag. With no exception, Liberians living in Sweden under their unifying organization of the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA will once again host an event to commemorate their nation's flag day in Sweden, like previous years.

In this regard, the LSA planning committee together with the LSA leadership has planned "A Grand Flag Day Cookout" to be held on Saturday, August 28th instead of the actual flag day (August 24th). The event will take place at Hagalundgatan 18 (Råsengården) Solna Stockholm, the Sweden capital.

According to the LSA planning committee this date was chosen because Liberia’s actual flag day (August 24th) of this year falls on a Tuesday - a weekday that is usually hectic and difficult to get most Liberians and supporters of the LSA community to come out and celebrate such an event.

The event will include the following activities: Liberia's cultural exhibit by Peter Roberts and Amos Mathisen, Games for kids and adults, Sing-Along musical performance by anyone, and Open Mic for people to share their experiences about previous flag day celebrations.

The LSA leadership is calling on all Liberians and supporters of the LSA community to attend this special event in order to celebrate and honor the symbol of our shared national patrimony! Everyone is encouraged to bring food and drinks. The charcoal will be lit up for those who would like to grill.

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