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Liberia's Flag Day Celebration In Stockholm

Updated: Feb 22

August 24th holds significant importance in the Republic of Liberia as it marks a national holiday commemorating the adoption of the Liberian flag, symbolizing the nation's identity. The design and creation of the flag, resembling that of the United States of America, were overseen by a committee of seven women chaired by Susannah Elizabeth Lewis. Among the committee members were Matilda Newport, Rachel Johnson, Mary Hunter, Mrs. JB Russwurm, Colonette Teage Ellis, and Sara Draper, all of whom were American-born, and many were spouses of influential figures in Liberia.

The Liberian flag, illustrated below, consists of various elements representing pivotal aspects of Liberia and its people. The eleven stripes pay homage to the signatories of the Liberian Declaration of Independence. The colors red and white symbolize courage and moral excellence, respectively. The white star serves as a representation of Africa's first independent republic, while the blue square signifies the African continent itself.

Every year, Liberians both at home and abroad come together to celebrate the significance of their nation's flag. In Sweden, Liberians unite under the umbrella of the Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) to commemorate this important occasion, just as they have done in previous years.

In line with this tradition, the LSA planning committee, in collaboration with the association's leadership, has organized "A Grand Flag Day Cookout" scheduled for Saturday, August 28th. This event will be held at Hagalundgatan 18 (Råsengården) in Solna, Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

The decision to hold the event on August 28th instead of the actual flag day (August 24th) was made to accommodate the busy schedules of participants. Recognizing that August 24th falls on a Tuesday this year, a weekday that may pose challenges for many Liberians and supporters of the LSA community to attend, the chosen weekend date aims to ensure maximum participation.

The festivities will feature various activities, including Liberia's cultural exhibit presented by Peter Roberts and Amos Mathisen, games for both kids and adults, a sing-along musical performance open to all, and an open mic session for attendees to share their past flag day experiences.

The LSA leadership extends a warm invitation to all Liberians and supporters of the LSA community to join in this special celebration, honoring the symbol of their shared national heritage. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own food and drinks, and charcoal will be provided for those interested in grilling.

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