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Liberia's 2023 Independence Day Celebration in Stockholm, Sweden

Updated: Jun 8

The Liberian Swedish Association, LSA will host a two-day festivity in Stockholm, the Swedish capital to commemorate Liberia's 176th year of independence. The event is scheduled to take place on the 22nd, and the 23rd, of July 2023.

Although Liberia's actual independence day is July 26th, according to the LSA leadership, the community chose to celebrate this year's event on the 22nd & 23rd of July because July 26th of this year falls on a Wednesday, which is a hectic weekday. The leadership added that hosting an event of such significance and magnitude on a hectic weekday can be challenging to attract huge attendance.

The two-day event will be hosted at various locations and will include several activities such as music, dance, and performances that will showcase the unique culture and heritage of Liberia. Additionally, food, drinks, and other refreshments will be available for attendees throughout the event, and there will be football and kickball matches. All are encouraged to join in and honor Liberia’s independence and the freedoms that come with it.

The Flyer for the 2023 Independence Day Celebration in Stockholm

According to the planning committee, the itinerary for this year's celebration is as follows:

DAY 1: Saturday, the 22nd of July

  • Meet and Greet/Sport day

This day with kick off with a football match between the LSA and the Cameroonian communities in Sweden at Hägerstensågen BP, Personnevägen 35, Hägersten from 14:00 to 18:00. The women and girls of the LSA community will also play a kickball match.

DAY 1: Saturday, the 22nd of July - Later in the evening.

  • Independence Day Ball/Party

This activity will include a brief ceremony/conference to highlight some activities in the LSA community and about Liberia, followed by an all-night party, consisting of dance, music, and live performance. Music by DJ Junior, one of Stockholm's finest DJs. This activity will take place at Månskävägen 10B, Kungens Kurva, Stockholm, from 22:00 to 04:00.

DAY 2: Saturday, the 23rd of July.

  • Barbeque/BBQ

A BBQ/grilling will be held on Saturday, 23rd of July. This event will include playing games (checker/draughts, Lulu, cards, and more), and activities for the kids, etc. The planning committee urged everyone to bring food to the grill and promised to provide charcoal and gifts for the kids. This event will take place at Varby Gård Strand, Stockholm, starting at 14:00.

The LSA leadership is expecting a large turnout of Liberians from across Sweden and elsewhere and encourages the entire community to attend and show their support. The celebration will be open to the public and will be a great opportunity to come together to honor Liberia’s hard-won independence.

SAVE THE DATE and make plans to be part of this year's festivity so that together we can all celebrate Liberia in grand style!

See the flyer (picture) for more information!

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