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LSA hosted Kids Easter Fun Day Event and met with Liberia Land Authority Delegation to Sweden

Updated: May 8, 2019

Pictures: LSA encountered with LLA in the Daily Observer and Kids Easter event.

On Saturday, April 20, 2019, the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA hosted an "Easter fun day for kids" event for kids from all backgrounds in Stockholm, the Swedish capital.

Activities for the day included egg hunting, face painting and various fun games for kids. Mr. Easter bunny was also present to help bring out endless smiles and laughter from the kids.

Few parents and officials of LSA's former and the current administration also attended the event to help create a lifetime experience for the kids by rendering supervision, catering and cleaning services during and after the event.

The Liberia Land Authority, LLA delegation to Sweden who visit coincided with the LSA event, paid a courtesy visit to meet the Liberians living in Sweden community. LSA president, David Ford welcomed the delegates and enlightened them about LSA. In response, LLA Commissioner, Ellen Pratt, commended the organisers of the program and encouraged Liberians in Sweden to remain peaceful and law abiding. 

On April 22, 2019, a few days after the "Easter fun day for kids", two of Liberia's daily news outlets (the Observer and the Inquirer) published the Liberia Land Authority delegation encountered with LSA community members in Sweden.

Below is the publication from the Liberia Daily Observer:

Monrovia April 22, 2019:

The visiting Liberia Land Authority delegation to Sweden has been holding discussions with authorities at Lantmäteriet and touring their facilities in Gävle and Norrtälji. Lantmäteriet, is the Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority.

The visit is part of a knowledge-exchange tour covered under the inception phase of the five-year Capacity Building Project for inclusive Land Administration and Management in Liberia. The implementation of the project is expected to begin in July this year.

During the visit, the delegation also paid a courtesy call on a cross-section of Liberians who are members of the Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) in Stockholm.

The LSA seeks to unite and foster peace, social integration and communal networking among Liberians and descendants of Liberians living in Sweden and Swedes who have lived in Liberia.

At a well-attended Easter recreational program organized by LSA for Liberian children and some African nationals living in Sweden, Land Use and Management Commissioner at the Liberia Land Authority, Ellen Pratt, commended the organizers of the program and encouraged them to remain peaceful and law abiding. She informed them about the land reform processes that have taken place in Liberia over the years and that plans are underway to fully implement the Land Rights Act of 2018, which gives communities the full bundles of right over their lands.

The President of the Liberian Association in Sweden, Mr. David Ford told the LLA delegation that the primary mission of LSA is to uphold, preserve and educate Liberian descendants born in Sweden through social activities such as traditional Liberian events and identify with community members during difficult times.

Mr. Ford also mentioned that the LSA leadership and community members are planning to launch a humanitarian initiative dubbed, “Let Liberians Living in Sweden Help Underprivileged Children in Liberia”.

The fifteen-member delegation from the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs are in Sweden upon the invitation of Lantmäteriet, the Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority.

Reports, Arthur R. Tucker

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