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Football: Presenting the Leadership of the LSA Football Team.

The Liberian Swedish Association, LSA is proud to present the leadership of its football team in Sweden. On Monday, May 13th, 2024, the members of the LSA football team underwent a rigorous selection process to appoint exceptional individuals to leadership positions. Leading up to this significant date, the team convened several meetings to encourage active participation and candidacy for key roles.

To ensure fairness and transparency, the team extended an invitation to the LSA President, David Ford, to oversee and provide guidance on the selection and electoral proceedings. Ford expressed gratitude for the invitaction and acknowledged the team's recognition of the broader leadership within LSA, emphasizing the leadership's pivotal role in governing all facets of the LSA, including the football team. He urged players not to shy away from leadership roles, underscoring their potential to elevate the team's operations and performance.

According to Wilfred Greenfield, the outgoing team captain, this initiative was taken on to establish equal power distribution amongst the players and boost overall effectiveness within the team, both on and off the field. Greenfield spearheaded the electoral process to ensure its seamless execution.

In the end, the following individuals were elected to key positions:

1. Wilfred Greenfield - Chairman/Secretary

2. Sunny Gad Jaryenneh - Team Manager

3. Joseph Tamba - Assistant Team Manager

4. Mel Kamara - Treasury/Financial Secretary

5. Abraham Paygar - Chaplain

6. James Nagbe - Caretaker

7. Mario Kennedy - Captain

8. Andrew Nagbah - Assistant Captain

The LSA leadership thanked the team members for their proactive initiative, showcasing their readiness to shoulder greater responsibility within the team and community, thereby helping to foster unity in the LSA community.

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