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Excerpts from happenings in the Liberian community:

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

On Saturday, November 3, 2018, on the“All Saints Day also known as Memorial Day/Decoration Day”, some members of LSA outgoing and incoming leadership of the Stockholm Community visited the grave sites of our fallen brothers; the late Mr. Germaine Verdier and Mr. Austin Boye Johnson to pay their respect.

Among those visiting were (top picture at late Austin grave, and bottom picture at late Germaine grave): Mr. Lagi Keita, Mr. Francis Mensah, Sis. Gladys Mwah, Mrs. Jeletoh Chea, Miss Angelina Davis, Miss Lisa King, and Mr. David Ford.

Liberia is also home to thousands of Swedes. Prior to the Liberian civil in 1989, several Swedish citizens lived and worked in Liberia. During these periods several Liberian Swedes were born some of whom still identify and affiliate with the Liberian Swedish Association, the Sweden community. On August 24, 2018, several of these Liberian Swedes join LSA to celebrate and honor the great flag day holiday tradition of Liberia which was held at a park in Älvsjö, Stockholm.

The August 24, 2018, flag day celebration in Sweden among Liberians and Swedes that were born and grew up in Liberia.

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