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Excerpts from happenings in the Liberian community:

Updated: Feb 23

On Saturday, November 3, 2018, a deeply moving occasion unfolded as members of both the outgoing and incoming leadership of the Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) in Stockholm gathered to pay tribute to the memory of our dearly departed brothers, the late Mr. Germaine Verdier and Mr. Austin Boye Johnson, on All Saints Day, also known as Memorial Day or Decoration Day.

In a poignant display of respect and remembrance, the group assembled at the gravesites of these esteemed individuals, honoring their enduring legacy and the profound impact they had on our community. Standing solemnly before the final resting places of Mr. Verdier and Mr. Johnson, the atmosphere was charged with reverence and introspection.

Among those in attendance were Mr. Lagi Keita, Mr. Francis Mensah, Sis. Gladys Mwah, Mrs. Jeletoh Chea, Miss Angelina Davis, Miss Lisa King, and Mr. David Ford, each offering heartfelt tributes and sharing cherished memories of the departed souls.

United in solidarity, the LSA leadership reaffirmed their commitment to preserving the legacy of those who have gone before us, ensuring that their contributions to our community remain etched in our collective memory. It was a poignant reminder of the bonds that bind us together as a family, transcending the passage of time and the constraints of distance.

In capturing these moments of solemn reflection, we honor the memory of our fallen brothers and draw inspiration from the enduring spirit of unity and resilience that defines our community. May their legacies continue to guide and inspire us as we strive to uphold the values they held dear.

Let us carry forward their torch of leadership and service, guided by the principles of compassion, unity, and fortitude. Though they may no longer walk among us, their legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of all who knew them.

The August 24, 2018, flag day celebration in Sweden among Liberians and Swedes that were born and grew up in Liberia.

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