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EFLA to Host July 26th Celebration and Its Annual General Assembly in Antwerpen, Belgium

The European Federation of Liberian Associations, EFLA will host a series of activities on Friday, July 30th, Saturday, July 31st, and Sunday, August 1st to celebrate Liberia's Independence Day and its Annual General Assembly (AGA) in Antwerpen, Belgium.

Members of the EFLA Executive Leadership made this decision during an emergency meeting held on Wednesday, July 7th via the online platform, Skype. According to Mr. Francis Mensah, EFLA's Secretary-General, "the leaders of EFLA carried out lengthy discussions, taking into consideration the covid-19 pandemic before reaching unanimous decisions." Mr. Mensah added that "with most of the covid-19 restrictions now relaxed across Europe, and the emergence of the vaccine, majority of the leaders were aesthetic to host such an event to bring Liberians together once again to celebrate after such a devastating period around the world."

It was also decided during the said meeting that the United Liberians Association of Belgium (ULAB) should host this year's events. According to the president of ULAB, Mr. Kingston Wreh, speaking about the event during a later meeting held on Sunday, July 18th, Mr, Wreh stated that "a series of activities has been planned to grace the three days.

In this regard, Mr. Wreh revealed that the activities will take place in the following sequence:

Day 1 - Friday, July 30th, the AGA will take place at Turnhoustsebaan 329, Bus 9, 2140 Antwerpen, Belgium. During this time, the EFLA Executive Leadership will meet to discuss issues that are relevant to EFLA and to elect new corps of officers for EFLA. This will be followed by a mingling & welcoming event at the Black Sugar Night Club in Antwerp.

Day 2 - Saturday, July 31st, the EFLA PARK PARTY (Grand Cookout/BBQ) will be hosted at the Park Noord Vladuct Dam 25, 2060 Antwerp, Belgium.

Day 3 - Sunday, August 1st, a farewell event will be hosted at the same Park Noord for attendees to meet and say their goodbyes before leaving for their various destinations.

Mr. Mayango Clarance Arku, President of EFLA is calling on all Liberians across Europe to come out and grace the occasion. Mr. Arku believes that this festivity will help to ease the stress and sadness that the covid-19 pandemic has caused many Liberians in Europe. Moreover, Mr. Arku stated that "these types of events have the tendency to connect and unite people, so I'm urging Liberians across Europe to come out and participate in this grand event because unity is what we all need at the moment to move our communities and country, Liberia forward."

The Liberian Swedish Association, LSA one of the EFLA's founding members will be fully represented at the events. Mr. David Ford, President of LSA along with some prominent members of the LSA community will attend to participate in the AGA and celebrate with fellow Liberians in Antwerpen, Belgium.

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