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Naymote's CEO Invited to Speak at the Celebration of Liberia's Independence Day in Stockholm, Sweden.

Updated: Feb 23

The leadership of LSA has invited Eddie Jarwolo to participate and speak at the celebration of Liberia's 176th Independence Day in Stockholm, Sweden. Mr. Jarwolo has been invited to address important national issues in Liberia, particularly regarding presidential and legislative elections for Liberians in Sweden, and the roles of his institutions, primarily concerning political accountability.

Mr. Eddie Jarwolo

Eddie is the Executive Director of Naymote Partners for Democratic Development in the Republic of Liberia. The institution was founded in 2001 to promote the principles of good democratic governance, the rule of law, political accountability, etc.

During his stay in Sweden, Eddie will deliver the keynote address at the LSA Independence Day Ball Event on Saturday, July 22nd. It is planned that he will speak about the importance of promoting democracy and the rule of law for national development, peace, and security in Liberia. He will also share his institution's (Naymote) work in promoting political accountability, preparations for and perspectives on the 2023 presidential and legislative elections, as well as the role of diaspora Liberians in reducing election violence and promoting peace.

Other highlights of the upcoming event will include live performances by some of the most popular Liberian music artists, (pictured from left to right) Teddyride, Stunna, Kobazzie, and Slim Nick."

According to the planning committee, the festivities will span three days, from the 21st to the 23rd of July in Stockholm. The aim is to bring Liberians together to celebrate and enjoy Liberia's unique culture and social events. Although Liberia's Independence Day falls on the 26th of July, this year it falls on a busy weekday (Wednesday). Therefore, it has been decided to hold this year's celebrations on the specified dates to enable Liberians and others to participate.

Here are the details for the festivities:

  • DAY 1: Friday, July 21st

Meet and Greet - A full-night party with live performances, music, and dancing to kickstart the festivities. Music will be provided by DJ Junior, one of Stockholm's top DJs. Address: Månskävägen 10B, Kungens Kurva, Stockholm, from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM.

  • DAY 2: Saturday, July 22nd

Sports Activities - A football match will be held between LSA and Cameroonian communities in Sweden. LSA's women and girls' division will play a football match. Address: Hägerstensåsen BP, Personnevägen 35, Hägersten from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Independence Day Ball/Fest - later in the evening - A brief conference and ceremony to discuss current issues in the LSA community and Liberia will be held; followed by a full-night party - with live performances, celebration - music and dancing to afrobeats, amapiano, popular Liberian music, etc. DJ Junior will once again entertain. Address: Månskävägen 10B, Kungens Kurva, Stockholm, from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM.

  • DAY 3: Sunday, July 23rd

Grill/BBQ and Children's Activities - This event will include grilling, games (chess/checkers, Lulu, card games, and more), children's activities, etc. The planning committee encourages everyone to bring food and promises to provide charcoal and gifts for the children. Address: Varby Gård Strand, Stockholm, starting at 2:00 PM.

LSA's leadership and planning committee urge everyone to participate and honor Liberia's independence and the freedoms it entails. They also urge everyone to help LSA promote Liberian culture and heritage in Sweden and thereby elevate and maintain its presence in Sweden.

The Official Flyer for the Event

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