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Congratulations to Beauty & Forkey Shargbeh

Updated: Aug 30

The Liberian Swedish Association, LSA is so thrilled to share the exciting news of Beauty Kamara and Forkey Shargbeh for tieing the knot in holy matrimony on Saturday, 19th August 2023 in Södertälje, Sweden! It was an absolutely magical day filled with love and joy. The leadership and members of the LSA community wish the newlywed congratulations and a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and endless adventures together. May their love only grow stronger with each passing day. Cheers to a beautiful journey ahead, Mr & Mrs Shargbeh!

Mr. & Mrs. Shargbeh

There is something magical about two people making a vow to one another in holy matrimony. Receiving a wedding invitation for such an occasion is often a time of excitement and joyous preparations. After all, you want to witness and celebrate the day with the happy couple and share their happiness and enthusiasm with your presence and words of congratulations. This was the case for the family members and friends of the newlywed Liberian couple in Sweden.

The occasion was magnificent and started off with a church ceremony of exchanging vows before God, families, and friends. This was later followed by a grand reception, held in a nicely decorated hall that flawlessly merged elegance, fireworks, and a flowery atmosphere. To picture such a hall, think of soft neutral colors, elegant yet simple details, and an ambiance that made everyone feel incredibly welcome and belong. "It all felt so perfect to share our wedding and special day with our families and friends in such an environment", said the groom, Forkey Shargbeh.

Bringing together their beloved group of around 200+ people from corners of Sweden, England, Norway, Finland, the USA, and Liberia to celebrate a meticulously planned and catered wedding was astonishing and full of memories that will last a lifetime for many. The day was a heartwarming day for a reunion of the couple and their families and friends after a long time of separation.

Mr. & Mrs. Shargbeh

The newlywed couple currently reside in the United Kindom and previously lived in Sweden and Norway. According to sources close to the couple, the couple chose to host their wedding in Sweden to be close to family members and friends in Sweden and celebrate with them.

Some key officials and members of the LSA attended the wedding. To name a few: Mr. David Ford, President of LSA; Mrs. Koo Joseph, Vice President; Mrs. Winifred Sandy, Secretary General and mother of the groom; and Mr. Eric Golafaie, Financial Secretary. Others were: Mr. Francis Mensah, President of EFLA (the European Federation of Liberian Associations); and Mr. Abraham Sandy, Chairman emeritus of the LSA Malmö Chapter. The wedding was mostly attended by Liberians but other nationalities were also present, such as Sierra Leoneans, Nigerians, Gunieans, Ugandans, Swedish, etc.

"As a Liberian community in Sweden, we were honored to watch Mr. & Mrs. Shargbeh get married and wish them the most divine happy ever after," said David Ford. The LSA once more congratulates the couple on their wedding and is thrilled that they found each other to share their life. May they enjoy God's continuous blessings and a life full of new adventure and love.

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