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Congratulations to Beauty & Forkey Shargbeh

Updated: Feb 22

The Liberian Swedish Association, LSA, is delighted to announce the joyous union of Beauty Kamara and Forkey Shargbeh, who were married in Södertälje, Sweden, on Saturday, August 19, 2023! It was a truly enchanting day brimming with love and happiness. The leadership and members of the LSA community extend heartfelt congratulations to the newlyweds, wishing them a lifetime filled with happiness, laughter, and countless adventures together. May their love continue to blossom and flourish with each passing day. Here's to a beautiful journey ahead for Mr. & Mrs. Shargbeh! Cheers!

Mr. & Mrs. Shargbeh

There's a certain magic in witnessing two individuals commit to each other in holy matrimony. Receiving a wedding invitation for such a momentous occasion fills one with excitement and the joy of preparation. It's a time to celebrate alongside the happy couple, sharing their happiness and offering words of congratulations. This was certainly the sentiment among family and friends of a newlywed Liberian couple in Sweden.

The event was nothing short of spectacular, beginning with a heartfelt church ceremony where vows were exchanged in the presence of God, family, and friends. This was followed by an exquisite reception held in a beautifully adorned hall, where elegance, fireworks, and a floral ambiance seamlessly merged. Picture soft, neutral colors, understated yet refined details, and an atmosphere that embraced everyone with warmth and inclusivity. "Sharing our wedding day with our loved ones in such a setting felt absolutely perfect," remarked the groom, Forkey Shargbeh.

Gathering their cherished group of over 200 guests from various corners of Sweden, England, Norway, Finland, the USA, and Liberia to partake in a meticulously planned and catered wedding was truly remarkable. The day served as a heartwarming reunion for the couple and their families and friends, many of whom had been separated for an extended period. It was a day brimming with memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Mr. & Mrs. Shargbeh

The newlywed couple currently resides in the United Kingdom but has previously lived in both Sweden and Norway. Sources close to the couple reveal that they chose to host their wedding in Sweden to be near family and friends and celebrate with them.

Several key officials and members of the Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) attended the wedding, including Mr. David Ford, President of LSA; Mrs. Koo Joseph, Vice President; Mrs. Winifred Sandy, Secretary-General and mother of the groom; and Mr. Eric Golafaie, Financial Secretary. Also in attendance were Mr. Francis Mensah, President of EFLA (the European Federation of Liberian Associations), and Mr. Abraham Sandy, Chairman Emeritus of the LSA Malmö Chapter. While the majority of attendees were Liberian, there were also guests from other nationalities, including Sierra Leoneans, Nigerians, Guineans, Ugandans, and Swedes.

"As a Liberian community in Sweden, we were honored to witness the union of Mr. & Mrs. Shargbeh and wish them a lifetime of happiness," remarked David Ford. The LSA extends heartfelt congratulations to the couple on their wedding and is delighted that they have found each other to share their lives. May they continue to receive God's blessings and embark on new adventures together filled with love.

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