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LSA: Calm the storm!

Updated: Mar 13

"Our Community Matters" has emerged as a powerful rallying cry within the LSA community, igniting a spirit of unity and purpose among Liberians residing in Sweden. Since its introduction on the LSA website and Facebook page by the leadership, this slogan has made significant waves, emphasizing the collective importance of our community.

A poignant example of its impact unfolded on Tuesday, January 8, 2019, when Mr. Francis Mensah shared a photo of himself and Mr. David Ford in the LSA WhatsApp group chat, accompanied by the slogan "Our Community Matters." This simple act amidst a heated debate surrounding LSA national leadership immediately shifted the focus back to a common ground—the well-being of Mama Liberia. It effectively diffused tensions, reminding everyone of the overarching goal of our association: to unite and uplift all Liberians for the greater good of our homeland.

This incident underscores a fundamental truth: above all else, our priority must be Mama Liberia. As we endeavor to strengthen our local association, it's imperative that we set aside personal differences and prioritize the interests of our community. By standing together in support of LSA, its constitution, and its leadership, we uphold the integrity of our collective identity as Liberians living in Sweden.

Let us embrace the ethos of "Our Community Matters," recognizing that our strength lies in our unity and our commitment to the advancement of Liberia. Together, we can overcome challenges and build a brighter future for generations to come.

LSA - "Our Community Matters!

Picture taken at Mr. Mensah's 50th Birthday Celebration in Stockholm, Sweden
Former & New LSA Leaders (Mr. Francis Mensah & Mr. David Ford)

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