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Calm the storm!

"Our Community Matters" is a new slogan that is making headline in the LSA community! Ever since the slogan was introduced on LSA website and Facebook page by LSA leadership, it has been making positive impacts in the Liberians living in Sweden community. One of its current impact was on Tuesday, 2019-01-08, when Mr. Francis Mensah posted a picture of himself and Mr. David Ford in LSA WhatsApp group chat and wrote the slogan  "Our Community Matters" in the midst of an ongoing heated debate among Liberians regarding the issue of LSA National leadership. Immediately after his post, the group realised that the most important thing was "Mama Liberia", and brought the heated discussion to a calm end! 

This is a clear manifestation that above everything the Liberians living in Sweden community most important interest is for us to put mama Liberian first, as we all strive to develop our local association, which primary objective is to unite and include all Liberians under one umbrella for the greater good of Liberia.

Therefore, it is about time that we put aside our differences, stop the need for self-gratification, and support LSA, its constitution, and most of all, its leadership. Because if the leadership fail, it reflects negatively on us as Liberians living in Sweden and vice-versa.

LSA - "Our Community Matters!"

Picture taken at Mr. Mensah's 50th Birthday Celebration in Stockholm, Sweden
Former & New LSA Leaders (Mr. Francis Mensah & Mr. David Ford)

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