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Birthdays celebrations in february for LSA members!

Updated: Feb 23

The Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) extends warm congratulations to the following individuals who are celebrating their birthdays in February:

  • David Ford - February 14

  • Koffa Reed - February 9

  • Leemu Nuarpah - February 9

  • Garnet Scott - February 5

  • Baby Savanna Keita (Lagi Keita’s daughter) - February 11

  • Deshar Sherman (Denial Sharman's son) - February 16

LSA joins in celebrating these special occasions and wishes each of them many more joyful birthdays ahead. May their lives be filled with abundant blessings, success in their endeavors, and prosperity in their life's journey.

Special prayers are offered for Baby Savanna and Deshar, that God's divine protection and guidance be upon them as they embark on their paths. May their parents be granted continuous strength and wisdom to nurture and guide them into the wonderful individuals they are destined to become.

Pictures from top to bottom: Leemu Nuarpah, David Ford, Koffa Reed, Garnet Scott, Baby Savanna Keita, and Deshar Sherman

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