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Meet LSA New Leadership

Updated: Jul 2, 2019


Mr. David Ford

Mr. Ford has previously served as LSA Secretary. He is a graduate of the Mälärdelans University in Västerås, Sweden with a BSc. in Economics & Business Administration, and a Master of Science (MSc.) in Information Technology (IT) Management from the Umeå University, Sweden. Mr Ford also has a MSc. degree in Industrial Engineering in Logistics and Innovation Management from the University of Gävle, in Sweden. Mr. Ford has worked for firms both in Sweden and Finland and is actively involve with other social organizations in Sweden, such as the Mano River Union athletics club, and Club United base in the Södertälje Municipality in Sweden.

Vice President :

Mrs. Koo Yelegon Joseph

Mrs. Koo Yelegon Joseph is a graduate from the Umeå University, Sweden with a BSc. in Nursing. She has previously worked for the Lycksele Lasaret for 4 years. Currently, she lives and works in Uppsala Municipality, as a head administrative nurse with over 15 assistant nurses under her administrative control. Mrs. Joseph is wife to Mr. Mohammad Joseph, a mother of 3 children and aunty & sister to several Liberians living in Sweden. She is a co-owner of a social club which promotes the talents of established and upcoming Liberian and African musical artists.

Financial Secretary:

Mrs. Selina Tutu King Bryant

Mrs. Selina Tutu King Bryant is an Accountant and Entrepreneur who has over 20 years of business experience and have owned and operated her own logistics business in Liberia and employed several Liberians. Currently, she works with the Södertälje Municipality and is a devoted mother of 6 children. She is also a co-founder & treasurer of a monetary social club called Club United located in Södertälje, Sweden.

Mrs. Winnifred Sandy


Mrs. Winnifred Sandy is a mother of 7 children and a wife to Mr. Boakai Sandy. The couple has several grand children. Mrs. Sandy have over 22 years of secretarial experience working for renowned organizations in Liberia, such as the Capital Building, New Kru town court, Liberia National Bareau and also served as the Secretary General for the Law Enforcement of Women for the Republic of Liberia.

Other Officials and Committees Heads and Members

1. FanniePearson - Chaplain

2. Mr. Erik Galafaie - Senior Advisor

3. Oretha Mennoh - Children Affairs & Media Committee

4. Gladys T. Mwah - Conflict Resolution Committee - & advisor

5. Mr Beyan Kesselly - Senior Advisor

6. Mr. Boakai Sandy- Conflict Resolution Committee - & advisor

7. Jaryenneh Gad- Sport Affairs Committee

8. Kinderick Thompson - Publicity and Media Committee

9. Mrs. Mimie Yekeh Kesselly - Events/Party Committee

10. Angeline Davis- Representative For LSA Members & Supporter in Märsta, and member of the Events/Party Committee - & advisor

11.Ophelia Regina Jackson - Events/Party & Media Committee

12. Tuss Wamah- Events/Party & Media Committee

13. Outreach CommitteeO

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