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Meet LSA New Leadership

Updated: Feb 23

Mr. David Ford


Mr. David Ford brings a robust background and a strong commitment to service to his role as President of the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA. With prior experience as LSA Secretary, Mr. Ford has a deep understanding of the organization's operations and objectives.

Educationally, Mr. Ford holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Economics & Business Administration from Mälärdelans University in Västerås, Sweden. He furthered his studies with a Master of Science (MSc.) in Information Technology (IT) Management from Umeå University, Sweden, and a Master of Science (MSc.) degree in Industrial Engineering in Logistics and Innovation Management from the University of Gävle, Sweden.

Professionally, Mr. Ford has garnered extensive experience working for firms in both Sweden and Finland, where he has showcased leadership and expertise in various capacities. In addition to his professional endeavors, Mr. Ford is actively engaged in several social organizations in Sweden, including the Mano River Union athletics club and Club United based in Södertälje Municipality.

With his diverse skill set, academic achievements, and community involvement, Mr. Ford is well-prepared to lead the Liberian Swedish Association towards continued growth, unity, and success within the Liberian diaspora community in Sweden.

Mrs. Koo Yelegon Joseph

Vice President : 

Mrs. Koo Yelegon Joseph is a distinguished graduate of Umeå University in Sweden, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. With a strong foundation in healthcare, Mrs. Joseph has honed her skills through extensive experience in the field.

Having dedicated four years of her career to Lycksele Lasaret, Mrs. Joseph has garnered valuable insights and expertise in nursing. Currently, she serves as the Head Administrative Nurse in Uppsala Municipality, overseeing a team of over 15 assistant nurses. Her leadership and administrative prowess ensure the efficient delivery of healthcare services to the community.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Mrs. Joseph is a devoted wife to Mr. Mohammad Joseph and a nurturing mother of three children. Additionally, she plays a vital role as an aunt and sister figure to numerous members of the Liberian community in Sweden, offering support and guidance to those in need. As a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit, Mrs. Joseph is a co-owner of a social club dedicated to showcasing the talents of established and emerging Liberian and African musical artists. Through her involvement, she contributes to the promotion and celebration of cultural diversity within the community.

With her multifaceted contributions and unwavering dedication, Mrs. Koo Yelegon Joseph exemplifies excellence in both professional and personal spheres, enriching the lives of those around her and leaving a lasting impact on the Liberian diaspora in Sweden.

Mrs. Selina Tutu King Bryant

Financial Secretary: 

Mrs. Selina Tutu King Bryant is a seasoned Accountant and Entrepreneur with a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in the business realm. Her entrepreneurial journey began in Liberia, where she successfully owned and operated a logistics business, providing employment opportunities to several Liberians and contributing to the economic growth of her country.

Presently, Mrs. Bryant lends her expertise to the Södertälje Municipality, where she serves in a professional capacity. Her dedication and proficiency in accounting contribute to the effective management of financial matters within the municipality. In addition to her professional endeavors, Mrs. Bryant is a devoted mother to six children, prioritizing their well-being and growth. Her nurturing nature extends beyond her family, as she actively engages in community initiatives and social clubs.

As a co-founder and treasurer of Club United, a monetary social club based in Södertälje, Sweden, Mrs. Bryant plays a pivotal role in fostering unity and camaraderie within the community. Through her leadership and involvement, she promotes financial literacy and social cohesion, empowering individuals to thrive in both their personal and professional lives.

With her extensive business acumen, dedication to community service, and commitment to fostering meaningful connections, Mrs. Selina Tutu King Bryant exemplifies leadership and excellence in all facets of her life.

Mrs. Winnifred Sandy

General Secretary:

Mrs. Winnifred Sandy is a dedicated mother of seven children and a devoted wife to Mr. Boakai Sandy. Together, they share the joy of several grandchildren, enriching their family with love and laughter.

With a remarkable career spanning over 22 years, Mrs. Sandy has honed her skills as a seasoned secretary. She has contributed her expertise to esteemed organizations in Liberia, including the Capital Building, New Kru Town Court, and the Liberia National Bureau. Notably, Mrs. Sandy also served as the Secretary-General for the Law Enforcement of Women in the Republic of Liberia, where she demonstrated her commitment to promoting women's rights and empowerment. Throughout her professional journey, Mrs. Sandy has exemplified professionalism, diligence, and dedication in her work. Her invaluable contributions have made a lasting impact on the organizations she has served, earning her respect and admiration from colleagues and peers alike.

As she continues to navigate her career path with grace and resilience, Mrs. Winnifred Sandy remains a shining example of excellence and integrity in the field of secretarial administration. Her passion for her work and her unwavering commitment to service inspire those around her, leaving a legacy of professionalism and accomplishment for future generations to follow.

Other Officials and Committee Heads and Members:

  1. Fannie Pearson - Chaplain

  2. Mr. Erik Galafaie - Senior Advisor

  3. Oretha Mennoh - Children Affairs & Media Committee

  4. Gladys T. Mwah - Conflict Resolution Committee & Advisor

  5. Mr. Beyan Kesselly - Senior Advisor

  6. Mr. Boakai Sandy - Conflict Resolution Committee & Advisor

  7. Jaryenneh Gad - Sports Affairs Committee

  8. Kinderick Thompson - Publicity and Media Committee

  9. Mrs. Mimie Yekeh Kesselly - Events/Party Committee

  10. Angeline Davis - Representative for LSA Members & Supporters in Märsta, and Member of the Events/Party Committee & Advisor

  11. Ophelia Regina Jackson - Events/Party & Media Committee

  12. Tuss Wamah - Events/Party & Media Committee

  13. 1Outreach Committee

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