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Angeline Davies is married!

Updated: Feb 23

Angeline Davies, a cherished member of the Märsta Municipality, embarked on a new chapter of her life as she exchanged vows with Mr. Charles P. King in a beautiful ceremony held in Monrovia, Liberia, on December 29, 2018. Mrs. Angeline Davies King, as she is now known, has long been an integral part of the LSA community, known for her unwavering dedication and support to fellow Liberians residing in Sweden. Over the years, her contributions have been invaluable, particularly in assisting Liberians seeking to settle in Sweden.

As Angeline begins this exciting journey of marital bliss with her soulmate, LSA joyously celebrates and extends heartfelt congratulations to the newlywed couple, Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Angeline King! May your union be blessed with love, joy, and prosperity as you embark on this new adventure together. Here's to a lifetime of happiness and fulfillment!

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