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Andrew and Gloria tied the knot, hurray!

Mr. Andrew G. Wolo of the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA community is taken! Wolo as he is commonly called in the LSA community in Sweden, tied the knot in holy matrimony to his long time fiancee Gloria Acquaah on January 3, 2020, in Monrovia, Liberia. Friends close to the couple described them as a match made in heaven. It is said that the couple uniquely compliment each other - Andrew is outgoing and sociable whereas Gloria is calm, reserve and a stay at home person, which gives the couple a balance. Moreover, the couple is said to have known each other for several years and have overcome many obstacles together. And, despite the enormous distance between them (Andrew resides in Sweden and Gloria in Liberia) their love for each other never wavered and has kept and brought them together in holy matrimony to say ”I do, till death do us apart’.

Therefore, in recognition and appreciation of an outstanding and supportive member in the LSA community, LSA officials and community members and supporters, extend heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Andrew Wolo and his beautiful wife, Mrs. Gloria Acquaah Wolo. LSA wish them success in all of their undertakings as they seek to achieve the best out of life. And, may the Almighty God bless and grant them the best of their hearts desire!


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