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Abraham to wed Odell

Abraham Jallah of Flen, Sweden is to wed Marian Odell Scott his fiancee on July 27, 2019 in Södertälje. Abraham told LSA media team that his wife-to-be (Odell) deserves an outstanding wedding to cement their relationship of many years. Sources close to the couple told LSA media team that both Abraham and Odell love for each other goes beyond measure and it is unconditional. The source added that the couple are best friends, supports and believes in each other in every thing they do. Therefore, LSA will like to highlight these couple as they take their relationship to the next level of holy matrimonial in this coming summer.

In this regard, the couple, Abraham and Odell would like to invite the Liberian Swedish Community members to attend their wedding, and to help them celebrate their special day. For more information regarding their wedding, please view the invitation posted here/below.

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