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Abraham to wed Odell

Updated: Feb 23

Abraham Jallah of Flen, Sweden, and his beloved fiancee, Marian Odell Scott, are set to embark on a beautiful journey together as they exchange vows on July 27, 2019, in Södertälje. Abraham expressed to the LSA media team his desire for a wedding that reflects the depth of their relationship, which has flourished over many years.

Those close to the couple have shared with the LSA media team that the love between Abraham and Odell knows no bounds and is truly unconditional. They are described as not only partners in life but also as best friends who support and believe in each other wholeheartedly. Their bond is evident in every aspect of their lives, making them an inspiring example of love and commitment.

As Abraham and Odell prepare to embark on this next chapter of their journey together, the Liberian Swedish Community is invited to join in celebrating their union and sharing in the joy of their special day. Please refer to the invitation posted below for more details regarding their wedding arrangements.

Let us come together as a community to support and honor Abraham and Odell as they take this significant step toward a lifetime of happiness and love.

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