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LSA concern for Liberian children

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

It has come to the attention of the Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) of the dying needs of many children in Liberia. Due to the economic downturn in Liberia, many parents are without jobs and find it difficult to provide for their children Livelihood. In addition, the Ebola epidemic which caused the death of thousands of Liberians left behind several chaotic situations which need immediate attention, such as an increase in the number of orphan children who are unattended to. According to the World Health organisation report on 'Ebola in Liberia' which state that 4809 Liberians were killed by the Ebola disease but also admits that these figures were underestimated due to the difficulties in collecting data. Moreover, according to the United Nation majority of Liberians live below the poverty line of 2 USD per day. This entails that the financial capability of the majority of Liberians have declined and most parents are unable to provide the basic human needs for their children and that many children are living in deplorable conditions. The impacts of these circumstances have caused many children to take over the role of the breadwinner in their household by participating in inhumane activities for monetary benefits. This is not to insinuate that all Liberian children are living in deplorable conditions, but rather to point out that very few are opportune to have a decent life while the majority are struggling and in need of assistance. LSA believe that all children deserve a healthy life including access to food, shelter, and clothing as well as the right to safety, education and etc. From these perspectives, what can we do as Liberians living in Sweden to help improve the livelihood of some of these Liberian children?

LSA new leadership is appealing to all Liberians living in Sweden to join this campaign and help launch and support an initiative called:

“Let Liberians living in Sweden help underprivileged Children in Liberia”.

According to the new Chairman, Mr. David Ford this initiative will give Liberians and Swede Liberians the opportunity to be part of a greater cause that will help improve the lives of children living in underprivileged conditions. More issues regarding this initiative will be discussed in subsequent meetings. Please subscribe to keep updated on this issue.

ThAll children living in deplorable conditions deserves a better life
Liberian Children

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